Wednesday, August 28

Our World and I Kids (discount link included)

I wanted to go over some of the resources and curriculum we will be using this school year. Since my kids are growing up in a digital age, it only makes sense to use digital resources for our schooling. One of those resources we are using this year is World and I Kids through a free homeschool co-op I joined last year (CLICK HERE).

World and I Kids is listed as for grades 3-8, but as there is a pretty serious lack of Social Studies oriented sites for younger children... I think it will do. We will specifically be using it for research in conjunction with another resource I'll post about tomorrow (something I think Tristian is really going to enjoy).

The subscription through the co-op is $29 for a year for both World and I Kids (3rd-8th) and World and I School (7th-12th). Obviously we will probably only be using the Kids version. The normal price is $56 for one subscription, right now on special on the website for $36 per subscription ($72 for both). So if we had kids in grade school and middle school or up this would be an especially excellent deal.

The main draw for World and I Kids was the feature where you can select a country and it takes you to a list of demographic faqs about the country, from there you can select to see pictures of the country available for academic use. Plus, there is a folktale section that I think could be extremely interesting to do a unit with. There are a couple features I could see Tristian getting lost in (What If and Did You Know sections specifically), for a couple bucks a month I don't think it's going to be a bad investment ;-)

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