Thursday, August 15

School Start Date Decision

Trevor and I have been talking and decided we would not be starting the planned curriculum until after we move.

Instead we are going to do some of the more hands on projects I've added to the curriculum plans ahead of time. Especially since these items will be hung up in the clasroom walls for reference (& fun), it will sorta be like we are getting ready for our new classroom. This way we can go over introduction for those subjects over the first few weeks, get in some school hours and be ready to plunge in when we move.

I am going to rework the planned curriculum a little to condense the weeks from 36 to 32 (doing 6hr days) so we can still have Christmas week off and hopefully end early June and easily meet the hour requirements.Since, I tried to come up with projects for the year both boys could participate in appropriately for their grade (or lack there of). I am very excited about some of the projects and think the boys are really going to love them =) 


  1. Gotta love homeschool and it's adaptability to your life. Technically school for everyone here starts tomorrow. We're not starting until next week. Then our courseload reduces dramatically in December and we still take march break off and we typically end things a month early.... and yet we still manage to cover more in lesser time than what the public system teaches.