Monday, August 12

St Louis Zoo 2013 Pics

I posted a pic on fb Thursday night while the guys were swimming about an hour after we got to the hotel =) It was taken on my tablet because I didn't have any way to get the sd card pics from my camera onto the netbook. Now I do =) So here's some StL Zoo pics from our zoo trip this year.

Trevor and the boys checking out their new binoculars Friday morning before heading to the zoo =)

Just got to the zoo!

First Animal Sighting!

Watching the Children's Zoo show!

The show was a blast, the boys loved it!

Afterwards they got to give dollars to one of the birds from the show =)

Then the guys got to be otters!

Brr- it was cold in the penguin and puffin house!

We got to see the bear doing some funky moves =)

The boys got to do a carousel ride.

Waiting for the train!


On  the Train! Unfortunately we had to immediately get off because of a gas leak =(


So we went through the instectarium instead =)

We were hoping that the gas leak would be figured out shortly, but when we got out of the insectarium everything had been shut down that had power (carousel, train, etc...) We asked at guest services what was going on with the leak and if anything would be back up (we normally wait to do the 3d simulator and train at the end when we are getting kind of tired). They said they didn't know if it would even be back up that day. So we decided to head out at that point.

As we were driving out the fire trucks and police were arriving and blocking off the entrances and roads going to the Zoo (in fact we had to circle way around to get out because of the normal way we go being blocked off). The boys were a little down about not getting to ride the train and use their new binoculars =( Getting to go swim at the hotel helped keep that to a minimum, lol. We'll just make sure to have a super great train ride next year!

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