Monday, August 19

Trace's Growth Hormone Test and MRI Pics

Today was Trace's Growth Hormone Test and MRI. He and Daddy spent most of the day at the hospital. He couldn't eat or drink anything but water after midnight... bit problematic when he woke up at 2:30am asking for chocolate milk =/

This was after they arrived at the hospital. That's the same playroom still from Tristian's tests two years ago. Trace is a year younger then his brother was during the tests almost exactly (perks of having an older brother with the same medical situation... much less 'wait and see' if this helps or if it fixes itself or whatever time doctors want before acting.

Here's Trace after he was put to sleep during the test and waking up ready to eat to make sure he keeps everything down. 

Everything stayed down and the growth hormone test is over. The MRI machine wasn't working during the morning but was fixed again in the afternoon. So he did his tests backwards and did the MRI after that and then headed home. He will be a very sleepy little boy for the rest of today but should be back to normal tomorrow.

In a little bit of a flash back I want to show Trace playing on the same table before Tristian's test 2 autumns ago. Despite the difference in camera angle you can see his height hasn't altered much compared to the table's in two years between pictures.

I think Tris would have been, like Trevor's family, much taller then normal if his growth hormone had worked correctly. Trevor at barely under 6ft is the runt of his family, lol. Tris being taller is a huge (no pun intended) reason why they waited so long on his hormone. Being so far ahead of in the first year and half, even after he stopped growing completely it took time before he dropped below average, much less off the charts. Trace, I believe, would have been more average. His growth delay seems more obvious because he dropped below average immediately. In the picture above Trisitian had not been growing for over two years. Trace has not been growing for about 10 months now. So Trace was actually older when he stopped growing then Tris. As you can see by comparing to the table, Tris was much taller when he stopped growing.

And to complete the flashback- Tris sleeping during his test and on Daddy getting ready to leave.

We meet with their new Endocrinologist next week for results, their previous Endocrinologist just moved away =( Hopefully the new one is just as wonderful.

 This test will basically tell us where the problem with the growth hormone is originating. If he did not make enough during this test then we will know the problem is in the production. If he made hormone during this test then we now the problem is in the signal to produce. Chances are he will have similar results to his brother (who made normal amounts during the test), which will mean the problem is that for some reason his brain is not telling the body to produce growth hormone.

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