Tuesday, September 24

We Are Moving =)

We found a house with three bedrooms on the main floor and a partially finished walkout basement. The floors are original hardwood (it's fantastic) in the bedrooms, hallway and closets, lenoleum in the kitchen, tile in the bathrooms and new carpet in the front room. The laundry hookups are in the basement with built in cabinetry. We'll have the classroom, a play area and family room in the basement as well. The house is 2.5 miles from Trev's work, half a mile from McKee park (has a playset, nature trail, basketball court and baseball field), and about 1.5 miles from our doctors. The house is on the corner lot of a dead end with a cul de sac. Very excited and happy =) Not sure when internet will get hooked up so may not be posting for a bit.

Monday, September 23

Happy Dog Week!

This week is National Dog Week
(observed the last full week of September)

Thursday, September 19

Elf on the Shelf Activity Book Folders

I was pretty happy when I found an Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Activity Book on clearance for $2 last week. I was really excited when I read the copyright that says, "Permission is granted to the original purchaser to reproduce pages for individual and individual classroom use...." WOOT! Even so, I don't think you would have to have the activity book to do a nice folder book. There are a TON of printables on the elfontheshelf.com site(you do have to go through the sections looking though) and if you google 'elf on the shelf printable' there are many awesome teacher/parent made ones to accompany elf on the shelf, too. Many of which we'll be using.

Wednesday, September 18

Elf on the Shelf Magnet Board (DIY)

I am pretty stoked about this activity board =)

I found an Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Activity Book clearanced for a couple bucks last week. I let the boys play with the stickers page because it said it was reusable and they really wanted to. We found out pretty quick the stickers aren't really reusable. If you're really careful you can get them off the background once- but that's pretty much all she wrote. We lost a few stickers there. =p

Tuesday, September 17

Update On Trace's Appt

Again, this new endocrinologist's views and methods seemed to line up with our previous endocrinologist's views. He wants to wait a year to monitor the abnormality before putting Trace on growth hormone. This seems very reasonable to Trevor and I. The doctor thinks it is probably one of two cyst options, and only one of those options would be concerning. We will know within the year from monitoring it. Trace will need blood drawn at each visit to check hormone levels, but that's not really different then previously for either Trace or Tristian. Tristian started growth hormone at 4 years old, so this will probably put Trace at the same age starting, barring further complications.
The doctor also noticed Trace had a heart murmer. Heart murmer's are really common (most people have one at some point in their life), so he just referred that back to our primary doctor to keep an ear out for it.

Monday, September 16

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

Tris missed church class Sunday to attend his lovely great grandmothers 80th birthday party. While we don't regret him being absent for that reason one bit, I was very grateful when Tristian's Sunday School teacher emailed me the craft they did. It was related to the "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" song. So the boys did it today.

Thursday, September 12

Living Momentum

We spent 5 years at our house on Maxine and have some amazing memories. The only landscaping that existed when we moved in was a flowering hybrid tree/shrub (that we have never found out the name of) in the front yard. We found this miniature one in the flower bed and thought it'd be a nice momentum so tried to dig it up. I was not able to get nearly as much of the root system as I wanted and was not sure it would live. I cut off all it's obvious most new growth on top, potted it, gave it some root starter and waited to see what would happen. At first I thought it was a goner. It lost more leaves every day. But now it's been several days and no lost leaves, no yellow leaves... Hope that means it's gonna be ok =)

Wednesday, September 11

Home, School and Moving (or lack thereof)

We have been looking for a home to rent since late May. We do not want to find ourselves in the same situation we are in now(going anywhere is a huge hassle). We have been looking within a 2 mile radius of Trevor's work (he would really like biking to work to be an option for him). The Women's and Children's Hospital (where two of the boys' specialists are) and our primary doctor's building are both about half a mile from Trevor's work, I would love for walking or biking to these appointments to be an option for us. Also, Tristian's Tae Kwon Do is at the Stephens Lake Activity Building which is also near that area.

Tuesday, September 10

Our Endocrinologist =)

We had an appointment with Tristian for a new endocrinologist today. Went in a little concerned after the last time with a new one for Trace(CLICK HERE) but we needn't have worried. I should have realized it was a good sign when my and my siblings nurse from when we were kids was the one to do vitals =) The new doctor was awesome.

Monday, September 9

Eat Like A Dinosaur (Gluten, Grain, Dairy and Legume Free)

My parents often buy us  books they think we could use or would like. Normally they are pretty on the money, but this one was good even for them! Mom picked this book up at a Friends of the Library book sale and it was a fantastic buy. The name is Eat Like a Dinosaur, Recipe & Guidebook for gluten-free kids. Over 100 kid-approved recipes and projects free of grains, dairy & legumes. Written by the Paleo Parents, illustrated by Amanda Gates.

Friday, September 6

Our A+LearningLink (discount link included)

One of the first things I tackled for this year was assessments. The Missouri homeschool laws leave this really open ended. Saying only to keep an evaluation record. Not specifying what form it should take. Last year I simply went over the standards with Tris at the beginning, mid and end of the year marking how he did. This year I wanted something a little more... official, I guess. I looked around online and found out this type of assessment testing is rather expensive. I ended up back at the same free Homeschool Co-op (CLICK HERE to see) I'd discovered while searching for an IXL Math discount looking to see if there were any discounts for assessment tests.

Wednesday, September 4

Not Our Doctor- follow up appointment

Unfortunately, we did not have a good appointment for Trace with the new endocrinologist. 

When Trevor spoke on the phone with her about the results he mentioned Tristian having similar results and discovered she hadn't even read Trace's file enough to know he had a brother with the same symptoms. Something I know was in the file because I had requested to be mailed the filed appointment summaries for the boys, and know that in each one our doctor would mention that they had a brother named T---- Zeiger being seen for similar symptoms. Trevor requested she review Tristian's situation before we met about Trace. She said she would. 

Tuesday, September 3

Happy Birthday Trevor!!!

I love you, forever and always ;-) 

I can't believe we are heading into the last year of our 20s (well you are, I still have a few months before that). I can't wait to see what joys this next year brings for you! I love you so much!

Monday, September 2

Recent Stuff =p (Trace's Results, House, Tris Classes, etc...)

A 'pic' my tablet took the other day. I didn't notice it
had animated several shots together until Sunday
Just sharing lol- No idea what I clicked to do it.

Today, I was going to post another our homeschool resources... but instead decided to go over some recent stuff.

First Good Stuff-
Trevor turns 29 tomorrow =) He's not so sure that's a 'good stuff' thing, lol. Happy early birthday, honey!

Our house is officially ready for the market and will be on it this week... Here's to a quick sale.

Tristian starts Tae Kwon Do this Thursday and Catechism this Sunday. He's very excited about both =)