Monday, September 9

Eat Like A Dinosaur (Gluten, Grain, Dairy and Legume Free)

My parents often buy us  books they think we could use or would like. Normally they are pretty on the money, but this one was good even for them! Mom picked this book up at a Friends of the Library book sale and it was a fantastic buy. The name is Eat Like a Dinosaur, Recipe & Guidebook for gluten-free kids. Over 100 kid-approved recipes and projects free of grains, dairy & legumes. Written by the Paleo Parents, illustrated by Amanda Gates.

Trevor and I have been talking about going grain free for at least a period of time once we move. Cutting out gluten and corn (most people don't realize corn is a grain, not a vegetable) helped us a lot health wise but we know there are other allergies we haven't found yet. Cutting grains first when you have grain allergies in the family seems like a good first step. Our concern was doing this in a way that still had plenty of options and variety for a healthy, nutrient rich diet. This book has gone a long ways towards making me feel like that will be be much easier then I had feared.

On top of that, while it says it's a kid book, it's really geared towards the whole family AND it's done in a way that actually engages the whole whole family. From me and Trevor to Tristian and even little Trace, any one of us can pick up this book and become engrossed. That is amazing. Truly.

There is a story inside the book that tells of a family with some medical problems. One child had breathing problems, one had skin issues, mom and dad didn't feel great in general. The family decided to turn back the clock on their diet and eat natural foods... like dinosaurs and get healthy. Trace really loves this story! Because it's a family with two boys- he points out Mom, Dad, Tristian and Trace while reading (he just sort of ignores the baby lol).

I love that the book walks you through the general tools and ingredients you will need for most the recipes at the beginning of the book. From being gluten/corn free we have quite a few of these already, but I always love it when a how to, recipe or curriculum book takes the time to tell you what you will generally need ahead of time. It makes life so much easier! The recipe sections of the book are divided into Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Dips and Sauces, Snacks and Special Treats. There are also chapters on Packing Lunches and Projects (Projects includes gardening, farmers market, exploring new ways of cooking and etc..).

Each recipe page is two pages, with the picture on one page and the recipe on the other. At the bottom of each recipe page is a "Instructions and How Kids Can Help" section, I LOVE this! Also, down the side of each recipe page are shadow pictures representing the eight most common allergens. If the picture is in color it means the recipe contains that item. Of course many of these common allergens can not be found in a single recipe in this book, and many of the recipes have none of the allergens. In some grain free recipes and book I have found corn being used, because so many people think it's a vegetable. So far no recipe I have looked at in this book has mentioned corn =) 

I am very excited about having this resource and can not wait to move so we can start using it. Come on house ;-)


  1. This book looks awesomely amazing! Just added it to my Amazon cart!

    1. It is really awesome, we have been trying some of the ideas and recipes and they are all fantastic!