Wednesday, September 18

Elf on the Shelf Magnet Board (DIY)

I am pretty stoked about this activity board =)

I found an Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Activity Book clearanced for a couple bucks last week. I let the boys play with the stickers page because it said it was reusable and they really wanted to. We found out pretty quick the stickers aren't really reusable. If you're really careful you can get them off the background once- but that's pretty much all she wrote. We lost a few stickers there. =p

So I started thinking of magnets and how could I make this a magnet board. I knew I could use the magnet tape to convert the stickers to magnets, but wasn't coming up with a board idea. I asked Trevor if he had any ideas and he said, "Could you stick it to a magnetic dry erase board?" BINGO =) We bought a quartet magnetic 11"x17" dry erase board for about $8, this size is nearly perfect for the fold out background in the the activity book. The magnetic tape was about $4. I used Mod Podge to glue the background down and about 3 layers of Mod Podge on top to make the finish more durable (less likely to fade/wear). I also put packing tape over top of each sticker/magnet for the same reason of making them more durable/less likely to wear.

The boys are already having a blast with the board. When we move (which I think is going to be soon, but don't want to jinx us) I am planning to just put the board away with Christmas stuff and doubt the boys will really think much about it with a whole new house and neighborhood to explore. This is going to be one of our classroom decorations during December, since we will not be taking a school break during that month this year with starting late from moving.

We turned a fold out paper sticker activity that would have lasted not even the whole holiday season this year into a magnetic reusable board activity I think we'll be pulling out to use year after year =)

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