Wednesday, September 11

Home, School and Moving (or lack thereof)

We have been looking for a home to rent since late May. We do not want to find ourselves in the same situation we are in now(going anywhere is a huge hassle). We have been looking within a 2 mile radius of Trevor's work (he would really like biking to work to be an option for him). The Women's and Children's Hospital (where two of the boys' specialists are) and our primary doctor's building are both about half a mile from Trevor's work, I would love for walking or biking to these appointments to be an option for us. Also, Tristian's Tae Kwon Do is at the Stephens Lake Activity Building which is also near that area.

Besides being near the area we spend most our out of house time; we both would like a basement of some sort for tornado seasons. We would like a fence and need medium size dogs to be allowed. Since we are homeschooling we really need either 3 bedrooms with an unfinished basement/den/office or four bedrooms so we have a classroom(the kitchen table method does not work for us, lol). We would love a fireplace, but it's not necessary. Currently the closest park is also miles away and I would like walking to a park to be an option for me and the boys. We are looking in the $800-$1200 a month range. We have found our price range not to be the Iissue... rather simply availability of what we are looking for.

It is now September and we have not been able to find what we are looking for. Looking outside the 2 mile radius really isn't an option for us at this time, either. Since we do not know how long we will need to pay both mortgage and rent being able to cut down on gas as an expense is critical(as of now I have the mortgage paid 5 months ahead, just in case, but I do not want to count on using that). There is a subdivision of duplexes that would be a perfect location (especially being $800 a month so at the lower end of our range) and are pet friendly, but none of the 3 bedroom with unfinished basements have become available yet. We have considered the idea of buying another house(as we have came across two in the area that meet all of our criteria, including the monthly cost). However, since we know that Trevor will almost certainly have to move if he hopes to take the next step in his career, buying at this point does not seem like a good choice.

We are strongly considering moving back into our house(& continuing to look) so that I can start school for the year, we have to start school on or before November 4th to be able to complete the school year and still get a (shortened)summer vacation before the next school year. So, we have a little bit of time left... but not much. We are definitely both starting to feel a little frustrated by the constant house hunt. I have faith that everything will work out for the best, I just would feel better if it worked out for the best a little sooner rather then later =p


  1. My son Jared has a house for rent. It is behind Fairview school has a full basement with a family room and another room that could be used for a office or bedroom. It has 3 bedrooms on the main floor. If interested call m and I will put you in touch with Jared. Aunt Marla

    1. Thank you Aunt Marla! In the way these things seem to happen, last evening we came across a house for rent that is 2.5 miles from Trevs work and half a mile to a nice park. We are going to see it Tuesday and I have a very very good feeling about this home! It has 3 bedrooms on the main floor plus a full basement and some pets are welcome with a deposit (hopefully our Brockley will be welcome). Its also on the very low end of our range, which will make selling our own home less worrisome. I am praying we finally found our new home =)