Tuesday, September 10

Our Endocrinologist =)

We had an appointment with Tristian for a new endocrinologist today. Went in a little concerned after the last time with a new one for Trace(CLICK HERE) but we needn't have worried. I should have realized it was a good sign when my and my siblings nurse from when we were kids was the one to do vitals =) The new doctor was awesome.

He knew Tristians file already and immediately asked if this was Trace who he'd be seeing next week. He took time during the visit to go over all the new data points and discuss what we were seeing compared to what we want to see and what he thinks is going on. Tristian is not growing as fast as he would like, but he is growing. Tristian's bone age is delayed compared to his age and that's good. It means that even though he's not where we want to see him (he's 5th percentile)we have more time to make up his growth then would be normal. Trace's bone age is not delayed at all, which makes his case a little more concerning because it means we don't/won't have that extra time. I really liked this doctor's manner, like Doctor Blue, he immediately approached our child and expressed genuine interest in Tristian and how Tristian was.

I guess we were bound to run into a negative doctor/patient situation eventually, I'm just glad it was the exception and we quickly found another good doctor.

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