Monday, September 2

Recent Stuff =p (Trace's Results, House, Tris Classes, etc...)

A 'pic' my tablet took the other day. I didn't notice it
had animated several shots together until Sunday
Just sharing lol- No idea what I clicked to do it.

Today, I was going to post another our homeschool resources... but instead decided to go over some recent stuff.

First Good Stuff-
Trevor turns 29 tomorrow =) He's not so sure that's a 'good stuff' thing, lol. Happy early birthday, honey!

Our house is officially ready for the market and will be on it this week... Here's to a quick sale.

Tristian starts Tae Kwon Do this Thursday and Catechism this Sunday. He's very excited about both =)

The OKay Stuff-
Trace's growth hormone stimulation test results came back late last week very similar to Tristian's results 2 years ago. This means he can produce growth hormone when stimulated (he just doesn't on his own). Trace has not been growing at all for at least 11 months now.  The follow up appt is Wednesday.

We are still waiting for a house or duplex in the general area of Trevors work to become available with 3 bedrooms, basement and within our price range. We are still really hoping the one that comes available first will be one of the duplexes I mentioned earlier.

Trev and I discussed Tristian's extra-curriucular classes this year.  Last year during the school year we had Tae Kwon Do on Thursday, Swimming on Saturday and Catechism on Sunday. Instead of doing that again this year, we decided that this year we are going to stick to Tae Kwon Do and, obviously, Catechism for the school year. In the summer we are going to put both boys in Swim.

The Not So Good Stuff-
Trace's MRI came back showing a nodule on his pituitary gland. Very small, about 1x3ml. Really really tiny. I want to stress that it's unlikely to be related. As far as we know, Tris never had one show up on his MRIs but has/had worse symptoms then Trace has/had. This one is not big enough to affect much atm either, they normally don't worry unless they are quite a bit bigger. The doctors just want to follow up on it to make sure it's really not anything. Just to be on the safe side. The follow up for this is the same Wednesday appt.

The Simply Not Fun =p
Trace had trouble getting to sleep on Friday night. In fact, he didnt go to sleep until about midnight. At around 1am, Saturday morning, he woke up screaming because something hurt. He could not tell us what but was convulsively clutching at his abdomen. Worried about possible appendicitis, Trevor put him in the car and drove to the hospital. Within 5 minutes of being in the car Trace stopped screaming and was nolonger acting agitated.  Trevor drove around 20 mins and then came home. However, I still did not get Trace to sleep until after 4:30am. Then he was awake by 9am.(and his brother by 7am- with me sick with a chest cold having breathing issues that was NOT fun).

So Trace seemed fine all of Saturday. Wanted up on me to cuddle and went to sleep around 6-6:30pm Saturday evening. Slept straight through til Tris woke up about 7am-ish Sunday morning. Seemed fine, ate breakfast. Went to the 11am mass, no problems. Was happy we actually got to go to Church on a Sunday for once. Went to eat lunch, ate. Trace seemed fine... then quietly climbed under the table and threw up. Then Tris, because someone else did, puked himself. Then Trace... watching Tris throwing up, starts throwing up again. Really, really NOT fun! I don't think we are eating out lunch for a while after church -.-

So idk if the puking is related to the abdomen issue the other night or not. Trace seemed perfectly fine the rest of the day. Not sure if we should go see our primary doctor about it, just in case, or just assume it was an odd coincidence? Either way- with Trev's bday, Tris'  classes and Trace's follow appt posts we won't be continuing on with our homeschool plans and resources until Friday. But we will be starting some homeschool activities this week =)


  1. Tell Trevor happy birthday! My first 29th birthday is this Thursday... I too am not sure I would categorize that as 'good stuff' lol

    And sending prayers that the pituitary nodule continues to be nothing more than a small insignificant finding <3