Tuesday, September 17

Update On Trace's Appt

Again, this new endocrinologist's views and methods seemed to line up with our previous endocrinologist's views. He wants to wait a year to monitor the abnormality before putting Trace on growth hormone. This seems very reasonable to Trevor and I. The doctor thinks it is probably one of two cyst options, and only one of those options would be concerning. We will know within the year from monitoring it. Trace will need blood drawn at each visit to check hormone levels, but that's not really different then previously for either Trace or Tristian. Tristian started growth hormone at 4 years old, so this will probably put Trace at the same age starting, barring further complications.
The doctor also noticed Trace had a heart murmer. Heart murmer's are really common (most people have one at some point in their life), so he just referred that back to our primary doctor to keep an ear out for it.

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