Wednesday, October 30

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Craft

This is an easy, cheap autumn floral arrangement craft. We bought the foam carving pumpkins at Dollar Tree along with various fake leaves, flowers and etc. Used the long wire stems twisted into circles to help hold themselves inside the pumpkins.

Trace really enjoyed getting to make his then take everything out and do it all over again. Couple pics below.

Saturday, October 26

JDRF Fundraiser Pictures!

 We raised more then $260 for JDRF this morning! If you didn't get a chance to see us today at the Conley Hy-Vee, remember you can always donate your change or more in the boxes at the registers at Hy-Vee. Pictures below =)

Friday, October 25

We'll Be JDRF Fundraising- Conley HyVee, Tomorrow =)

The boys will be helping with JDRF fundraising tomorrow at Hy-Vee on Conley Rd. This is Trace modeling one of the shirts Trevor brought home for them to wear.... think we're going to have to figure out something else =p It's MIZZOU themed for homecoming and Tris has got a black Mizzou Tigers tee. I'm not sure if we have anything MIZZOU atm for Trace. We'll see. Just wanted to share the picture because it was so comical =) 

If you're out tomorrow, please, stop by and say hello to us at the HyVee on Conley!

Tuesday, October 22

Corn Maze Fun

We went up to Monroe this last Saturday to see Trevor's family and meet Jessica's boyfriend's family. We went and did a corn maze with Jessica and her crew (I did not include any pics of Nate's family because I forgot to ask if they would mind or not). 

The boys had a TON of fun doing the maze. We use to take Tris to the corn maze here when he was younger before we found out I was allergic and he always had a blast.

Pictures below-

Wednesday, October 16

Trace Found a Caterpillar

Today during play time Trace was riding his tricycle around in circles. His thing right now is riding the tricycle all by himself- unfortunately Mom won't let him do so out in the street so he's limited to the driveway and garage. He suddenly pulled way off into the grass. I asked if he needed help and he rather excitedly told me," No, cat in way." This took some interpretation and the good old, "Can you show me?" before Tristian and I realized Trace was saying there was a caterpillar on the concrete. So I moved it over to one of the newly planted rose shoots. The boys spent the rest of play time crouched around there watching it- pics of them doing just that below =p

Tuesday, October 15

Tristian and Trace's New Bedsets =)

Trevor and I decided to the boys pick out new bedsets. Previously we had Thomas the Train sets for the bunk beds because Tristian loves Thomas the Train so much. Tristian still loves Thomas, but we thought we'd give him the chance to pick something else out if he wanted when we let Trace pick out his first set. 

Monday, October 14

School Bank Account (Reward System and Math Unit!)

Today we started a unit Tristian and I are both really excited about. It is a Real World Math Supplement Unit. It is meant to teach about handling currency through a bank account system (so there are no in hand dollars or coins involved). Tristian will earn money for schoool related achievements, as well as a base amount for doing school each day. He can spend his balance on fun school related items.

Thursday, October 10

CenturyLink Rediculousness

This whole situation has been rediculous (so much I felt the rediculous word rediculousness could be used in the title =p ). Not connecting us, not having phone working, the speed is awful.

Wednesday, October 9

Our USA Presidents Center (with handmade blocks)

I set up our USA Presidents center this week while Tris was doing some reviews of last year's math through IXL on his and Trace's tablet.

My favorite part of this center is the blocks. I ran into the concept of presidents blocks last year and found a few different sets, but they were all upwards of $50-$100. So I decided to make some instead, I started on these last spring and finished them as I had time. They still aren't totally finished, we have some blank sides Tristian is going to get to help finish as part of school. There are 45 blocks, which means we have a block waiting for a president to be added- to keep them current a little longer ;-)

Monday, October 7

A Self Portrait By Tristian

Today's art project. Tristian used paint, a paint brush, a large blank square, a mirror and his favorite colors to help create a self portrait. He included a paint brush in the picture, so this is a self portrait of Tristian painting =)

Friday, October 4

We are moved and have internet!

We finally have internet at our new home. CenturyLink had some serious issues setting up our service... hopefully not indicative of their normal service. Still, we are finally back on line. We are loving our new home. Will try to start posting normally again Monday =)

Tuesday, October 1

Halloween Charm Bracelet

I wanted something Halloweenish but more whimsical then spooky scary =p I don't really do the whole scary thing, I'd rather laugh any day. So this is what I came up with. 

I think that the green monster Frankenstein bead may be one of my faves all time! 

Have you made any Halloween jewelry?