Thursday, October 10

CenturyLink Rediculousness

This whole situation has been rediculous (so much I felt the rediculous word rediculousness could be used in the title =p ). Not connecting us, not having phone working, the speed is awful.

The upload speed is so slow I can't upload from my tablet because it will time the upload out thinking something is wrong. I have to connect my tablet to my netbook and transfer the file, then upload from the netbook. We also randomly drop internet, which has been really frustrating when it's while Tris is reviewing on IXL (which has taken much longer then it should because of the inconsistent connection to the point that after the fifth drop in 20 minutes this morning I copied some reproducibles and switched him to paper and pencil). Then on top of it, we have no phone line. Why? They don't know. I'm not joking, we have internet, which comes through the exact same phone line, but no phone. How does that even work? Want to know how? They don't know, it doesn't make sense to them, either- cause it shouldn't be possible... SERIOUSLY!?

This is after they already screwed up connecting us, first not setting up an appointment with us to connect (sending us a ups box with how to install directions and a note that we shouldn't install until after 8pm on Oct 1st. From 8:02pm-8:34pm on October 1st we were on hold. After be transfered twice because the first two did not know what was going on the 3rd told us our start date had been pushed back to November 1st (after a week+ of waiting for service to begin with). After we'd been transffered a total of four times someone was finally able to figure out they had set an appointment with us (that we were not called about, emailed about nor told about in the letter in the package sent) and when we weren't there for it they set our date back an entire month. Their fix? I'm sorry. I can have someone out 'sometime' tomorrow. Nothing else. No I'll get someone out first thing, no offer at compensation. When Trevor said he wasn't sure he wanted to stay with them the rep told him he would understand if he didn't.  I sent an email about that situation... only reply I got was an automated one saying they would get back to us and another one from a rep saying they would be back to us, that was a week and a day ago- heard nothing yet.

Bottom line, we gave them a chance. They failed multiple times. We'll be finding another provider. I really wish Charter was out here. They had fantastic customer service, great internet speeds and at a great price. Unfortunately Mediacom is the only ones out here with lines but they have data caps. We don't want TV, just phone and internet, which has a data cap on it unless you go with one of the more expensive options of have TV through them. CenturyLink was about $10 cheaper then them, with the same speeds and without a cap... but the service is awful. However Mediacom's and reviews are making me hesitant to go with them. We'll figure something out though, and apparently CenturyLink really doesn't care if it's not them.

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  1.  Ironically, about an hour after I posted this our internet went out. Finally back on. The only good thing so far about CenturyLink has been a very friendly, very helpful technician that has been the one who's came both to install our modem and to fix this. CenturyLink, unfortunately just doesn't seem to have things together. Basically it was something wrong on the companies set up side (not something he could even fix from here) but nobody knew what. He and they just had to try possibility after possibility (for more then 2 hours) before someone tried the right setting on the CenturyLink side and internet came back on. They have no idea what happened to switch the setting off to the wrong one and stop it working to beginn with. The phone is working also, so at least we finally have both internet and phone at the house. Considering the quality we've experienced so far with their product, CenturyLink better keep friendly technicians; as, dealing with that with a less pleasant technician would have been much worse.