Tuesday, October 22

Corn Maze Fun

We went up to Monroe this last Saturday to see Trevor's family and meet Jessica's boyfriend's family. We went and did a corn maze with Jessica and her crew (I did not include any pics of Nate's family because I forgot to ask if they would mind or not). 

The boys had a TON of fun doing the maze. We use to take Tris to the corn maze here when he was younger before we found out I was allergic and he always had a blast.

Pictures below-

Unfortunately, even on some serious allergy meds it was not the greatest experience for me. I was hoping now that we've not been living in the middle of corn fields for a bit occasional exposure wouldn't be as bad (and honestly the whole state is cornified atm, how much worse could the maze be... or so I thought lol). Still feel sick today =p Trace and Tristian loved it so much that we are going to have to work something out so that they still get to go each year. 

We also bought a GIANT pumpkin there for $4 that I'll take pictures of later next to Trace... it was actually one of the smaller pumpkins they had and is still huge.

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