Wednesday, October 9

Our USA Presidents Center (with handmade blocks)

I set up our USA Presidents center this week while Tris was doing some reviews of last year's math through IXL on his and Trace's tablet.

My favorite part of this center is the blocks. I ran into the concept of presidents blocks last year and found a few different sets, but they were all upwards of $50-$100. So I decided to make some instead, I started on these last spring and finished them as I had time. They still aren't totally finished, we have some blank sides Tristian is going to get to help finish as part of school. There are 45 blocks, which means we have a block waiting for a president to be added- to keep them current a little longer ;-)

For the blocks we used a 2x2 (from Home Depot) to cut into 1.5"x1.5" blocks. The presidents stickers with names and dates are from Hobby Lobby- they were with the stamps, not stickers. The number stickers were from Amazon- searched 1 inch number stickers in kids toys. Had to estimate the broken down cost for the ink and paper to print out the flag (lots of flag images in public domain- found this one at wiki creative commons I think). Also had to estimate the cost of the mod podge to glue and coat everything so that the blocks would be durable and wouldn't wear (I buy mod podge by the gallon off Amazon. MUCH cheaper and lasts forever). I estimated that it cost us about $10 to make these. If you want to make them I'm sure cost will probably vary depending on availability of the items and what cost you can find them at- but I don't see these costing more then $15 to make.

Tris matching George Bush Sr's card with a block.
Finding two George Bush blocks and looking them up
The president book I got in a lot of school related books I bought from another homeschool family in the area. The president flash cards my mom picked up at a yard sale and thought we might be able to use (thanks again Mom). Coupling the cards with a card planner from dollar tree (clear strips forming pockets on fabric) made a perfect addition to our president learning this year. It was also what gave me the idea for setting up a center for it (the book and blocks are kept in a cubby above the cards and will have other president and US related material joining them throughout the year).

I'm planning to buy more pocket strips (hopefully, found these at the Hannibal Dollar Tree- hoping we can find them in Columbia, too). I'm going to put flash cards on shapes and colors for Trace to have his own card center next to Tristian's =)


  1. Those blocks are so cool! Love this idea.

    1. Thank you =) I was thrilled with how well they turned out!