Monday, October 14

School Bank Account (Reward System and Math Unit!)

Today we started a unit Tristian and I are both really excited about. It is a Real World Math Supplement Unit. It is meant to teach about handling currency through a bank account system (so there are no in hand dollars or coins involved). Tristian will earn money for schoool related achievements, as well as a base amount for doing school each day. He can spend his balance on fun school related items.

He earns money by getting awards or mastering skills through IXL, completing chapter books and book reports, a base amount for each school day, behaving during a field trip, completing special projects and etc...

He is able to spend his balance on cool things for school like pencils with characters or colors, shaped erasers, cool grippers, pencil toppers, stickers to decorate his binder and pencil box (a plain wood cigar box- free from HyVee's Wine & Spirits store), and activities like building a dinosaur, painting a ceramic magnet, etc....

As this is suppose to be teaching a real world money management skill, the cost of items is real world cost. Or as close as I could break it down to on average in the case of stickers, pencils and other items that aren't always the same amount per package. We bought our fun items from the dollar store or bought materials for them from the dollar store to create an activity kit. One activity kit I've already made is the Make an Elf Table activity from the site. Trevor and I are also planning to visit Dollar General to look for some kits and that will be more expensive and require saving longer for them. All items will be school &/or learning related.

Tristian's Bank Account is displayed on the classroom wall. It will have his starting balance for each day as well as how much he earned and spent that day. He will be using a ledger to keep track of his spending and figure out his ending balance each day.

Tristian started out with 50¢ in his bank account. He earned $1.00 today from his 25¢ school day base, plus 75¢ for finishing reviewing last years skills on IXL.The money he earns each day is not available for spending until the following day. Sort of an introduction to not getting money when you work until pay day. We discussed that this was like how Daddy goes to work each day but doesn't get the money he makes each day put into his bank account until later.

Tristian is really excited about this! I'm not even sure he realizes it learning, honestly- which is always a good lesson, imo =)

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