Friday, November 15

Holiday (Post)Cards

This year we are sending out postcards, instead of cards in envelopes. And, we WILL send them out! We are horrible about forgetting to mail them. Front and back of the postcards I created on Vistaprint (and an adorable coffee mug) below.

Postcard stamps are cheaper and you just throw away the envelope the cards come in anyways. I meant to do this the last couple years and I didn't remember until after I ordered cards. I remembered this year =)

Trevor is constantly misplacing our mugs. I'm hoping having a personalized one will make him more careful with it. Did a little play on words there with it saying May your DAY be merry and bright. No s on the day since he will be drinking the coffee in the morning, hoping it'll make him smile a few times and start his day a little brighter ;-)

Also got some small picture magnets to give to of the family pose to give to grandparents and ordered a rubber address stamp for our new address (I was nearly as excited about that as the holiday stuff lol).

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  1. Beautiful! I'm always so horrible at sending out cards. Family and friends would likely go into shock if one arrived at their door from us lol