Wednesday, November 13

JcP Family Photos =)

We are using this picture one our holiday cards
this year.
Yesterday we had a wonderful sitting for our yearly photos and JcP.

The photographer was wonderful and great at inducing the boys to smile then quickly snapping shots. The shoot itself took only about half an hour and the wait time was less then 5 minutes to view our photos (basically the time it took them to pull it up on the computer). The clerk showing us our photos was very nice and personable, also.

It was just a nice photo experience in general, the boys actually seemed to enjoy doing it, which was awesome.

We got pictures on a cd and ordered prints of some that'll be ready the 20th.

You can see all the pictures by CLICKING HERE (they are viewable for the next 3 months)

The experience was a relief after Sears last year- where the boys were in good moods but they still didn't get a picture of all of us smiling. After and hour+ of photo shooting and waiting for the perfect moment before snapping pictures we only had about 20 pictures total, including doubles of poses. We didn't have time to get individuals of the boys and the photographer kept going out to check for messages about something. We had to figure out our own poses because she would just wait for us to pose (which is not why we go to professional photographers) and then waiting another 30-45 minutes to see the pictures while the clerk showing us chatted with another associate. 

We had a good experience at JcP the year Trace was born too, so I think we'll just stick with them from now on.

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