Friday, November 8

Wood Block Foam Stamps

This year we are using Kraft Wrapping Paper (50lb roll on Amazon is $20) to design our own wrapping paper with stamps. I think the boys are going to have a blast and this will let them be more involved in the gift giving portion of the holiday season.

Stamps are expensive, though! So I went looking for less pricey solution. These wood block foam stamps are super cheap to make and really neat! We will certainly be making more in other themes then just these holiday ones.

How to make and pictures of the boys stamping below:

The wood blocks are made from 2x2s bought for a couple dollars at any store that sells lumbar. You need access to a table saw to make them into 1.5"x1.5" blocks (we use my father's). We've used wood blocks to make a lot of cool block sets (alphabet block and wood wagon set, picture decorations, Presidents blocks with USA Flag puzzle on the back, etc... ~click project to see picture of it~) The foam stickers we bought at Dollar Tree. Just peel, stick to a side of the block, press on a ink pad and you've got an instant stamp =)

I don't know how durable these are yet or if you would ever need to remove and reapply the a different foam. I'm keeping a back a few of each design just in case. But I don't really think it's going to be that big of a deal.

The boys had a ton of fun practicing with these while we made them and I can't wait to actually start wrapping presents this year and see how they enjoy it =)

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