Friday, December 13

DIY Angry Birds and Spiderman Tumblers

Maybe Trace was channeling Spider-man?
We've used these Dollar Tree kids tumblers before as a rainy day activity with just blank sheets and stickers. This time I asked the boys what type of cups they wanted and the answers (not surprisingly) were Angry Birds Space and Spider-man. So I looked up some free coloring pages and used a free word generator for their names and made some tumbler coloring sheets.

Excuse Trace's wet hair from baths. Tristian's stick straight up hair dries crazy fast, not so Trace's.

They loved them, had a blast coloring them and the finished cups not only are the characters they love and personalized- but have the added coolness of being colored by them =)

We learned the hard way last time that these cups do not seal tightly enough to protect the sheets inside them. So I used packing tape to laminate the sheets after we cut them out so these ones should last much longer =)

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