Monday, December 16

Elf on the Shelf Size Table Craft

The craft directions are on the official site- CLICK HERE. I printed out the direction and bought Christmas colored craft sticks at the dollar tree, both normal size and jumbo size to create the kit. This craft cost Tris $1 from his School Bank Account (for more on bank account- CLICK HERE). 

More about how we did the craft and picture below.

The craft was less little kid friendly then I had hoped. I should have realized that from the onset with the need of hot glue guns and etc... Ended up Mom making them and the boys helped position or hand the required items. However, paint time was all them ;-)

Painting is serious work!
We did not follow directions exactly (we rarely do, lol). We had normal craft sticks, not small craft sticks so we had to cut ours to fit. We didn't measure out 4 inches on the table legs, I just cut two jumbo sticks in half to make the four legs. We didn't use glue dots, just the glue gun. Glue dots might have helped in the child friendly department though ;-) Because our sticks were pre-colored we didn't need to paint them ahead of time. We also didn't paint the front drawer craft stick white, instead just picked out the lightest of our normal tan colored ones. We did use pencil eraser ends as called for to do the handles though. We used white poster paint from the dollar store and dollar store paint brushes for the boys to paint with. 

Irregardless, the drawers turned out very cute and the boys love them =)

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