Sunday, December 1

Home Stamped Gift Wrap

We have about 30 people to buy gifts for this holiday season, then another half dozen December/January birthdays also. So we have been doing a LOT of wrapping =) Just wanted to share some of the presents we have wrapped with the Kraft Wrapping Paper and then used stamps on.

We spent $20 on a 1000 sq ft roll of Kraft Wrapping Paper off Amazon (which is a ton of paper) and another $50 on a lot of 150 stamps off Ebay (included a great assortment of stamps from holidays to birthdays to just fun stuff). We also made several stamps using wood blocks and dollar tree foam stickers. We bought the ink pads when Hobby Lobby had a 50% off ink and stamps sale in November. The nice thing is that for probably about what we'de normally spend on gift wrap in a year we are set for several on wrapping and crafting paper =) AND have a drawer full of fun stamps to use on future crafts and projects. I've been told these rolls last forever, and considering of much of it there is, I believe it! The boys have had a lot of fun helping wrap and stamp the packages and just generally playing with the ink and stamps, lol.

Trace may not be able to write yet, but that doesn't necessarily mean you won't find his signature on some of these gifts ;-)

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