Monday, December 9

Knit Green Diagonal Scarf (wavy striped) for Tristian

Tristian asked for a green diagonal scarf this year... I got lucky enough to trip over a pattern for a zig zag/wavy striped scarf my cousin pinned on Pinterest (CLICK HERE for the free pattern link on Craftsy).

It was a very easy pattern, and only took me a few days to finish for him. I'm going to use the same pattern to make Trace's scarf- he wants a blue scarf. More info and pictures of Tristian's Green Diagonal Scarf below-

I used two worsted weight yarns from my yarn stash and one lighter weight yarn I bought at the Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe here in town. The lighter weight has a solid green thread and a variegated thread that goes from light cream to dark blue, makes a gorgeous yarn. The worsted yarns are every four stripes and the lighter weight yarn is every other stripe. The scarf totaled 19 total stripes and cast on 191 stitches, that's different then the original pattern since it was a child's scarf, but I was making up some width for the lighter weight yarn so ended up with more stripes then I thought we'd need at first. CLICK HERE for the free pattern link on Craftsy.

Tristian loves it, so total success =)

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