Thursday, December 19

Tris and Trace Christmas Gifts List

I made a Pinterest board of all the gifts Trace and Tristian are getting from each other, Trev and I and Santa this year. Including this homemade puppet theater.

CLICK HERE to see it.

The puppet theater was made from scrape wood, an old fireplace frame, spray paint, scrap fabric, dollar tree ribbon, black contact paper and stencils. Has storage in back and a lip for chalk.

We had a budget of $250 that we bought spread out through the year for the boy's Christmas this year. We hit just under that. 

Gift Basket they'll find in the bathroom on Christmas.
We got several good deals on clearance or sale during the year (like the Gallop and I Spy Games that both came with some of the books for $7 each). The rest of the books and the dvds were from Swap A DVD and Paper Back Swap- for a breakdown of about $2.25 a dvd and $1.25 a book. We got the Thomas and Mater full size Pillow Pets for $4.99 each on Menards Black Friday sale. The Puppet Theater only cost about $30 to make because we used scrap from other projects and reused the frame an old electric fireplace came in. The 20 puppets we got for under $30 by putting their listings on Amazon on a Shopping Notes price alert (read more about that by CLICKING HERE). We had $50 of free gift cards from Walgreens from doing a prescription switch promotion this summer. So, we bought a lot of the candy and several of the presents there. Like the Spiderman Walkie Talkies, Race Car Track and 3D Spiderman Magnetic Dart board on the 3 for $14.98 sale this week. We also got Tristian's Angry Bird Star Wars figures there 3 2pks for $3.19 in the mystery bags and got lucky and got 6 different figures. The 3 Angry Birds shirts for Tris were $3 each on clearance and the 3 Spiderman shirts for Trace were $8.99 for the pack on Amazon Cyber Monday.

So on and so forth. I think we did pretty good =)

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