Wednesday, December 31

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

This year had some rough times. We have great memories despite it and are looking forward to the new year!

Tuesday, December 23

Minecraft Java Design Course (free or 40% off)

Tris and Trace finally discovered Minecraft. Tris' new thing is to watch videos of people playing games on youtube and for the last couple days all he's wanted to watch is minecraft (to the exclusion of actually playing his own games). So Dad and I broke down and are buying the $27 game download card for them as a gift from us for Christmas (which is more then we've spent on a game of any sort in YEARS). My only saving grace on this one is that I have enough smartpoints in the homeschool buyers coop to get the $250 Minecraft Mod Design 1 Course ($149.99 at 40% through the co-op without smartpoints CLICK HERE) for free to add as part of the . This way we can get some school hours out of this game/sudden obsession ;-) I can't wait to see their reactions to getting this and I think Tris may really enjoy programming. I hate dealing with java, but hopefully he doesn't =p

Monday, December 22

Elf on the Shelf Coloring Fun

Happy colored a picture for the boys! His elf letter asked them to color one for him.
The cards Happy creates his elf size letters from (by folding, placing an address label with boy's name and address, then stamping with miniature North Pole postage) are found at another blog by CLICKING HERE.

Friday, December 19

Elf on the Shelf and Lipstick on the Mirror

Happy was up to no good again, I don't know how these little scout elves stay on Santa's nice list. The elf letter hint said that it's fun to write in Mom's lipstick on the mirror... uh-oh!

The cards Happy uses to create his elf size letters are found at another blog by CLICKING HERE.

Wednesday, December 17

Trace's Hormone Kit Arrived

Now let's work on getting it where he won't fit in the child size duffle bag. A bit of de ja vue from opening Tristian's 3 years ago.  The kit has all the trappings of the medication at home and travel. From the sharps container to a lunch box size cooler and a bag to haul it all in. Tris' bag was adult size and we don't use it much for this or otherwise. The first shipment actual meds should be coming soon and we can start getting our seemingly permanent tiny tot to big boy size ;-)

Tuesday, December 9

Elf on the Shelf- Candy Cane Search

I scattered candy canes all around.
They are just waiting to be found.
Find them all and bring them here.
Put extra candy canes on the tree this year!

-Happy Zeiger, Scout Elf

Friday, December 5

Brownies Make a Happy Elf

Our Elf on the Shelf got in on the baking fun tonight after the boys were in bed. While Dad and I were wrapping up making neighbor gifts. Happy was busy finding a new spot and leaving Tris & Trace an edible message.

Monday, December 1

Happy December!!!

It's officially December and Christmas is just around the corner!

Hope everyone has a wonderful, inspiration filled December!

Tuesday, November 25

Tris Broke His First Board in Tae Kwon Do!!!

We've been pretty mia lately with trying to catch up on school from being sick so the blog has fallen behind... but we had to share this!

Thursday, November 13

We all have chest infections

and Trevor's going to get to keep that finger =p

Seriously though, totally saw the chest infection stuff coming. Sorta what's bound to happen after 4 weeks of chest colds. Although Tristian is doing the best. He is still on antibiotics but lung wise he may or may not have an infection and just have congestion left from the colds. He definitely has an ear infection though so his antibiotics are kinda killing two birds with one stone. Trace's diagnosis is flipped he might have the start of an ear or sinus infection but definitely has one in his chest- as do I. Even Trevor's lungs sounded bad today (he's had a cold for about 5 days now) so he got some antibiotics too. We have gotten fairly lucky with infections considering our risk factors. I am hoping these last few weeks aren't foreshadowing the rest of the cold season!

Oh yes, the finger. The doctor said it was a good wrap job and lookec fine for how deep the cut was (seriously like halfway through the top of his finger). The wrapping let it start to close together so just keep it wrapped and barring infection it should heal fine. So that was a fun day at the doctor's =)

Tuesday, November 11

Such a Guy

So.... Mimiand Pap gave the boys these very large Hershey bars for Halloween.  They've been in our freezer being divied out. I open the second one tonight and can't get the sucker to break, even with the provided sections. Thick frozen chocolate is hard to break! Trevor laughs at me. Tells me I'm "such a girl" then slams his hand down on it to break it into pieces. Except manly man forgot to move the knife from cooking dinner that was near where I had been holding the chocolate. Guess who's got a finger wrapped in gauze now? Instant karma... shouldn't make fun of your wife ;-)

Thursday, November 6

Candy Floats

Holiday prep is well underway at our house! We have 8 pies in our freezer, started putting up Christmas d├ęcor, wrapping presents and have put together these Candy Float Candy Bouquets.

These aren't planned only for Christmas. Because of the year out expiration date on candy these can be made far in advance and still have months of use for the recipient. Candy rarely survives a month in our home... still, I'm sure that's a good thing for some people.

Wednesday, November 5

Open Season on Bows & Ribbon in this Zeiger House

Bubbles has been a very happy cat since he realized today kicked off this year's present wrapping. He wore himself out ;-)

Tuesday, October 21

Update- both boys getting worse, pulmonologist appt tomorrow

I mentioned on the ER post that I suspected Tris was headed down he same road as Trace, since he started having a tighter and tighter cough Sunday and that proved true. Both boys were running fevers again as of last night. Tris' started right before bed and Trace's started yesterday morning. Those fevers greatly raise the probability that last week's cold became this week's respiratory infection.

Monday, October 20

Trace- ER Trip Friday Night and More

Thursday night we nearly took Trace into the ER. He kept choking on mucus- leaving Trevor and I both very rattled. He wasn't running a fever anymore for a  couple days, so the cold itself was well past. However, for us often the scariest part of colds comes after the illness itself has ran its course and the body starts to try and flush out the excess mucus. It can start a chain reaction causing more mucus to be produced and our air passages to swell up even tighter then the actually virus caused. The resulting asthma flare is too often much worse then the illness was.

Tuesday, October 14

Trace's New Bed...

Tris and Trace still have colds and last night Tristian was having a lot of trouble breathing. I went in around 1am to start Tris on a nebulizer and noticed his brother wasn't in his bed.

Thursday, October 9

Peach Tree Farm Field Trip

A few weeks ago we were studying farming in social studies. So when another homeschool mom posted in our local group that she was setting up a field trip to Peach Tree Farms in Booneville for Oct 6th we signed up. We had a good time. There were some scheduling conflicts on the side of Peach Tree Farms that affected our group somewhat negatively.

Tuesday, October 7

Our $10 Toy Chest Save

This wicker chest was being used as a toy chest in our boys room and the lid had been robbed of most of it's wicker, leaving a huge hole in the top. This week we turned it into a cushion top storage chest.

Friday, October 3

Goofy Trace

Because wearing shorts as a hat is the best way to wear them ;-)

Thursday, October 2

Tristian's Camera- Erosion and Weathering

We're learning about what impacts our environment, this week's topic is erosion. Tris took pics of examples around us on our walk yesterday.

Friday, September 26

Finger Painting and Rocket Science

And some recent highlights:

During last week's science curriculum we went through our daily trash, recorded what was recyclable, truly trash and might be reusable. This week Tris is turning the reusables into a science project- he chose to make a rocket-ship (pictured).

Boys medical updates-

Friday, September 19

Campfire Cookies

We are totally going try and make these sometime soon. This is a picture Trevor took of one of the cookies made in the bakery at work last week. I think the boys would have so much fun with these ;-)

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