Wednesday, January 29

Coupling Digital Envelopes with Drawers

Yesterday I posted about using the Goodbudget/EEBA app with digital envelopes to budget. Today's post in about coupling this method with real drawers. Each electronic envelope we have in the directly corresponds to one of 12 drawers sitting on my desk.

Tuesday, January 28

Budgeting with Digital Envelopes

It's the end of January and that means taxes. Taxes reminds us to take a serious look at our finances and budgeting. Last year with the moving and moving again, fixing up our old house to sell/rent, renting a new house and then forgetting to buy presents early for holidays... our finances suffered. This week I've been going through everything and came up with a plan to get us back on track using real drawers and the Goodbudget app (formerly Electronic Envelope Budget Assistant). I'm just talking about the envelopes in this post, tomorrows post will be the drawers.

Monday, January 27

Family to Classroom Dual Sided Room Divider

We have a partially finished basement. Basically the basement is divided into two long-ways halves with two doorways on either end of the wall dividing the basement. On one side are the stairs, storage, laundry and backdoor. The other side we sectioned into a child play area, family area and classroom. 

Wednesday, January 22

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do started again after the holiday break yesterday- it's going ot be Tuesdays instead of Thursdays the rest of the year, which is nice because Thursdays are Trevors late day and Tuesdays he's normally off- makes it easier to get Tris to the lessons. They moved from to the Waters-Moss Hillcrest area. The building they will be in isn't done; so, they are doing classes at the Hillcrest Community Center until then. It has windows so we could see practice- something we normally don't get to do because it distracts the younger kids to have anyone watching. So we took advantage of that to get a picture of Tris during a lesson.

Tuesday, January 21

Free Columbia, MO Kids Activities

The boys stay home; so, we try get them out enjoying different surroundings and people. Tris is homeschooled but has Tae Kwon Do and Catechism weekly- and both boys get to play with their cousins Sunday afternoons. We also have a group of friends we do at least monthly playdates with. Still, Trev and I kept finding ourselves feeling we needed to do more. So we came up with a specific goal. We try to do something kid/family oriented with the boys outside the home around other kids and families at least once a week. I thought I'd share the specific urls I look at for free kids and family events in Como.

Monday, January 20

Last Little Bit of Christmas

Decided to make the boys one last little bit of Christmas yummyness befor the holiday was too far past. I melted some peanut butter and leftover almond bark together. Then sprinkled in some cinnamon and put them in the bottom of some Christmas themed silicon molds. I put the leftover chocolate mix on celery and the boys had a very yummy snack.

Friday, January 17

Our Next Home Project

It's hard to see from the angle of the cruddy tablet picture (camera batteries keep going to Tristian's Circuit Jr). There's about 4ft of unused wall space from frig to open dishwasher. Space to put something for trash, recycling and mop, broom, etc... To make things easier on my very visual husband I started making concepts (which are to make). Thought I'd share it. I'll post a picture when we actually make it.

Thursday, January 16

Our Last College Loan Payment

We were scheduled to pay our very last re-occuring Mohela payment today. I thought that deserved a mention at the very least =) Will be nice having that over and done with. That extra money will help cover about half the monthly increase the health care changes have added to our out of pocket medical cost. I've been warned that because of some of the grandfathering with business I can expect a larger increase next year- I really, really hope that's not true. At the moment I believe medical expenses eats around 35% of our befor taxes income. Anyways, still pretty awesome to have those school loans a thing of the past =)

Wednesday, January 15

The Brick Bible (Lego Dipicted, Athiest Created)

We purchased at Barnes and Nobles what we felt, in good faith, was a delightful depiction of the Bible using Lego pieces as a gift for a nephew or our own son. As I began to lightly read through it at home I was more and more aghast. Looking into reviews and the author's site I was disgusted. All claims of inaccuracy of the bible aside; we all know there are ways to spin the view of any story to be worse or better based on your personal intentions.

Tuesday, January 14

Boys' Endocrinologist Appointment

We are currently at our boys' endocrinologist. I will update with any news but shouldn't really be. Just a normal check in, measure, labwork etc. . .

Friday, January 10

I'm feeling UGH so here's a couple random fall pictures...

I'm not feeling that great today. I had trouble sleeping last night from breathing issues and when I did sleep I kept waking up from coughing. So today I'm just posting a couple fall pics that never made it into posts. The one of Trace with the giant leaf should have. It's from when we made leaf baskets out of leaves mod podged onto balloons. The boys loved it, I just never actually got around to making the post about it, lol. The pic of Tris was just some random day playing in the leaves. We have two huge trees in our front yard and for a bit there in fall it felt like we'd never stop raking =p

Wednesday, January 8

Gift List Planning Using Pinterest

2013 gift set we made/gave
One of the more stressful things in late 2013 was holiday gifts. We bought some of our gifts on the way to get togethers. Not being a thrive on the last minute pressure kind of gal (normally done with most Christmas gifts in summer), this year I wanted a better handle on the present situation. So Trevor and I sat down and made out a list of who we thought we'd be getting gifts for. For the last few year I'd been using a Pro Gift App on my tablet. You could just scan the bar code of an item and it would automatically store info and pic. Then I got a new tablet in 2013 and it had a boot loop crash which wiped all my app files- kind of a bummer. For 2014 we decided to look into someting Trevor and I both have easy access to.

Tuesday, January 7

Cute Picture of Children's Screen Addiction, lol

We limit the boys on screen time, but they still will migrate towards the nearest screen. It's kind of sad and hilarious at the same time. This is just a cute picture from a sleep over last week. Going to try and get a Christmas picture post up this week too ;-)

Monday, January 6

Goodies Left By Santa 2013

The cookies here were box made gluten free cookies with the tops dipped in melted chocolate almond bark and then sprinkles on top. More goodies and basics of how they were made below.

Thursday, January 2

The Boys' Dinosaur Wall

We asked the boys what they wanted their walls painted, meaning color. However, being children they didn't realize this and both said, "Dinosaurs!" So.... dinosaurs it was. Above is Tris seeing the wall for the first time (Trace fell asleep on the way home). Below is a picture Trevor took of me when I was nearly finished.