Wednesday, January 29

Coupling Digital Envelopes with Drawers

Yesterday I posted about using the Goodbudget/EEBA app with digital envelopes to budget. Today's post in about coupling this method with real drawers. Each electronic envelope we have in the directly corresponds to one of 12 drawers sitting on my desk.

The twelve envelopes are titled Groceries / Essentials, Gasoline, School / Kids Stuff, Gifts and Parties, Eating Out, Wants (decor, games, etc...), Trevor's Work Drinks / Food, Clothing, Home / Car Maintenance and Other (licensing fees and other irregular daily spending), Savings and Misc (for when I want to separate an expense).

The drawers are an idea I really like. Here we can put coupons, gift cards, gift certificates, flyers, reminders, or anything else related to the envelope/drawer. I opted out of labeling the drawers, instead raiding my kids sticker stashes to use visual representations of the drawers- I won't lie, that part was pretty fun ;-) There's a gas guzzling jeep on the Gasoline drawer, a heart balloon on Gifts and Parties, a bike / pencil / books on School / Kids Stuff and so forth. The set of drawers we have has 8 small drawers and 4 drawers double to small drawers size. The big drawers correspond to envelopes I think will have more things to put in with- like coupons for Groceries / Essentials. 

Nothing is set in stone. Drawers and envelope titles alike can easily be changed or switched around to do what works best for us.

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