Monday, January 27

Family to Classroom Dual Sided Room Divider

We have a partially finished basement. Basically the basement is divided into two long-ways halves with two doorways on either end of the wall dividing the basement. On one side are the stairs, storage, laundry and backdoor. The other side we sectioned into a child play area, family area and classroom. 

The family and play area don't really need to be separated but we did need to find a way to make the classroom a little more secluded so that Trace's longer then Tristian's play time didn't interfere with Tristian's learning. We did this by making a large piece to serve both as the TV stand, dvd/wii stand and toy storage on the family room side; while being a chalk board stand, book rack and cubby storage on the classroom side.

The main piece was made from 16 free wood crates. We used a board to brace the top row but otherwise just screwed the crates into each other. We just finished the book rack this weekend on the front of the classroom side. We made it with 4x1s and 2x1s and used L-Joints to fasten it to the back of the bottom 8 crates. The stand the TV sits on and the bluray player sits under was made from scrape wood. 

Very happy with how it turned out =)


  1. This looks fantastic! You really did an amazing job! Where did you get the crates from? My garage really needs to be organized :)

    1. Produce switched display types at Trevs work a few years ago and was going to throw the crates floral didnt want in the compactor- so trevor got permission to take them instead. We originally just use 8 for the toy cubbies and rest for general storage- was happy to have them when we came up with this concept =)

      The crates could be made from 1×4s though for pretty cheap I think with a saw and some screws. The 1x4s we bought for the rack were a dollar or two and 6ft long each.