Tuesday, January 21

Free Columbia, MO Kids Activities

The boys stay home; so, we try get them out enjoying different surroundings and people. Tris is homeschooled but has Tae Kwon Do and Catechism weekly- and both boys get to play with their cousins Sunday afternoons. We also have a group of friends we do at least monthly playdates with. Still, Trev and I kept finding ourselves feeling we needed to do more. So we came up with a specific goal. We try to do something kid/family oriented with the boys outside the home around other kids and families at least once a week. I thought I'd share the specific urls I look at for free kids and family events in Como.

Barnes and Nobles

Takes you directly to the calendar for the Barnes and Nobles store at the Columbia Mall. They have lots of kids activities and story times. These are most often on Saturday when Trev works, but sometimes there are ones on his week day off.

Daniel Boone Regional Library

Takes you directly to the calendar for the Daniel Boone Regional Library here in town. There's a Children's Musician Wednesday from 6-6:30pm for families we are going to try and go to if Trevor can get off work in time.

Lowes Build and Grow

This takes you the home page of Lowes Build and Grow. There is one on Conley Rd right by Hy-Vee(which means Trevor can take lunch early and do these with us even though he works Saturday), just type in any of the Columbia zip codes (like 65202) and you can register for the next Build and Grow event. There wasn't a January one but we will be at the February 8th event.

Home Depot Kids Workshops

There are free kids workshops on the 1st Saturday of the month from 9am-12pm at Home Depot. However, the workshops are for ages 5-12, so we have another year or so before we can do these with both boys.

Discover the District

This takes you to the event calendar at Discover the District that mostly focuses on the area around down town. You'll see events like Movies in the Flat Branch Park pop up here.

Parks and Rec

This takes you to the Parks and Rec Special Events Calendar. There's an Annual Train Show we're hopping to take the boys to in March if Trev can get off that Saturday.

Columbia Public School Planetarium

This link takes you to the Public Shows page for the Planetarium. The shows are all free and you can reserve available seats for them on the website- donations of course are welcome. This is another one that is normally on Saturday, so we usually miss it =(

Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau

I'm sorry to say that while I often use visitor bureau sites when we plan trips for other cities and towns, Columbia's event calendar is still confusing for me to use. I try though. What I normally do is click on the links to the side that narrow it down. Like Science and Nature or Festivals, Fairs and Parades- then use the list of organizations as a jumping point to browse their sites and see what's going on.

These aren't the only places to keep an eye on. I look in at Bass Pro Shop regularly, especially around holidays as they often have kid activities. The mall sometimes has events for kids we've gone to, especially around holidays. Toys R Us also occasionally has kid activities. We also check out http://shopmidmo.bigdealsmedia.net/ for discounted certificates in the Mid-Missouri area for things for kids.

If you know of a kid friendly business or organization in town that is good to check out for free kids events please leave a comment about it =)

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