Wednesday, January 8

Gift List Planning Using Pinterest

2013 gift set we made/gave
One of the more stressful things in late 2013 was holiday gifts. We bought some of our gifts on the way to get togethers. Not being a thrive on the last minute pressure kind of gal (normally done with most Christmas gifts in summer), this year I wanted a better handle on the present situation. So Trevor and I sat down and made out a list of who we thought we'd be getting gifts for. For the last few year I'd been using a Pro Gift App on my tablet. You could just scan the bar code of an item and it would automatically store info and pic. Then I got a new tablet in 2013 and it had a boot loop crash which wiped all my app files- kind of a bummer. For 2014 we decided to look into someting Trevor and I both have easy access to.

We are trying out Pinterest as our gift log system using 4 secret boards shared between Trevor and I. The first board is for Gift Ideas; to pin things as we come across or think about something someone on our list might like. Gifts in Progress is for if we know for sure this is what we are doing for someone or have already bought part of the gift for them but still need something (or everything) before giving the gift. The third board is for gifts that are ready to be wrapped.

2013 gift set we made/gave
The last board is why I really like this concept. Right now Pinterest doesn't have an expiration or ceiling on pins. We can put given gifts in this last board and never forget what we've already given someone when trying to figure out future gifts. I had to call my sister this year to figure out if the last set of crayon farmyard blocks we had were meant for my nephew or my friend's son. I couldn't remember which one had already gotten theirs- whoops 0.o Keeping past gifts on my tablet was a no no because it took up too much room. So this is awesome. Hopefully, we will have our gift giving a little more streamlined for the year with no stressful last minute gift buying.

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