Monday, January 6

Goodies Left By Santa 2013

The cookies here were box made gluten free cookies with the tops dipped in melted chocolate almond bark and then sprinkles on top. More goodies and basics of how they were made below.

The Christmas Chex Mix was Gluten Free Rice Chex stirred in melted chocolate almond bark (like if you were making puppy chow (or whatever it's called now since it's not puppy chow anymore). Then instead of using powder sugar used red and green sprinkles and added in gum drops, mints and sixlets and etc...

Christmas Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Just dipped fresh strawberries in melted white and milk chocolate and added red and/or green sprinkles. Used half dozen deviled egg packs to set them out in. Very easy and yummy =)

The candy cane marshmellow pops here were so easy and the boys LOVED them. Stuck mini candy canes in large marshmellow, dipped in melted chocolate and then rolled in sprinkles.

These Smores cookies were a last minute idea and the kids really enjoyed them. Used box made gluten free cookies. Cut large marshmellows in half width-ways (whole ones were too big and didn't work well). Put in the microwave for about 10 seconds on top of one cookies (probably varies per microwave, and don't try to do more then one at a time- just doesn't work as well). The marshmellow half will poof up about twice it's size, use a second cookie to smoosh it down on top of the cookie it's on and it will glue the cookies together with a beautiful looking marshmellow middle. Then dipped the one side of the cookie sandwich top in melted chocolate and dipped that in sprinkles. Turned out great!

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