Thursday, January 2

The Boys' Dinosaur Wall

We asked the boys what they wanted their walls painted, meaning color. However, being children they didn't realize this and both said, "Dinosaurs!" So.... dinosaurs it was. Above is Tris seeing the wall for the first time (Trace fell asleep on the way home). Below is a picture Trevor took of me when I was nearly finished.

I free-handed the background with 3 paint colors (shades of yellow, brown and blue) and the dinosaurs are Dollar Tree wall decals. I am hoping to find some cheap decals of water and flying dinosaurs also, eventually. Originally I was going to paint all of it. However, we remembered we would have to repaint this wall at some point and the bright colors I'd want to do the dinos in would make that a much bigger pain, lol. I think it turned out ok, and the boys both LOVE it- which is all that matters ;-)

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