Friday, February 28

Week Off Next Week

Next week is an early spring break for our whole family. Trevor is taking his first week of vacation for the year; while the boys and I will be off from school and the blog. I've got a series of 5 posts planned ahead- but there will be no real time updates on the blog until the following week. Mostly we've planned this week to get caught up on the house and finish unpacking (we skipped right into school and holidays when we moved, so still have some things to do as far as putting away our home)- and generally just have a week off. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful first week of March!

Thursday, February 27

Sick & New Computer

Our netbook and desktop computers decided to die this week. Leaving us no way to print forms for Build and Grow, School or use any sites that required the most recent form of flash (some of Tristian's online school stuff needs it and flash nolonger supports android). On top of it we're sick. Apparently no one in this Zeiger house is up to form 0.o

Tuesday, February 25

Freeze N Bake: Steamed Chicken, Rice and Veggies

This week we made 8 Freeze N Bake meals for less then $30. We bought 3 32oz bags of rice for $1.39 each on sale. We had a rain check from a couple weeks ago for 99¢ a pound sale on chicken breasts that we bought 3 3pks of (tend to be around 1lb a breast- so this was about $10). We also still had 3 bag of frozen veggies from when they were on sale for $1 each plus added 2 bags of 69¢ bags of frozen veggies. We used 3 bags of shredded cheese that cost $5 total. Lastly we bought 4 2pks of foil pans from Dollar Tree for $1 each. The whole thing cost $29 and some change after tax. 8 meals for $30 is $3.75 a meal not including drinks.

Monday, February 24

Build and Grow Claw Game Pics

There was no Build and Grow in January, but there were two in February. He's a couple pics from the second one, last Saturday, in February.

Thursday, February 20

First Car Wash of the Year

It was so nice yesterday Trevor, the boys and I spent quite a bit of time out running errands. We had a playdate with some awesome cousins (I'll post pics of that tomorrow), got shopping done, played outside for a bit and went through the car wash. Trace had forgotten what a car wash like and was a little concerned!

Tuesday, February 18

Chester Comix Came!

This is a match made in homeschool heaven =) Tris loves reading comics. He asks for the newspaper each day for the comics, has more or less destroyed his Garfield comic books reading and rereading and is working on a Charlie Brown comic book he got for Christmas. Tris also loves history and reading about things that happened before and the people involved. So when I found out about Chester Comix (CLICK HERE) I knew Tristian would love them!

Monday, February 17

Free Evan-Moor Seasons Pocket Book

We LOVE the Pockets Series by Evan Moor. We have 9 of the months and several of the subjects. Tristian loves making the activities and Trace is getting old enough to enjoy them too. On top, once made both boys enjoy going back through their pocket books, revisiting the crafts and Tristian loves reading through the info. So when one we didn't have, The Four Seasons Theme Pockets ebook, popped up as a Valentine gift from the free co-op we belong to, I grabbed it asap. It's available free by CLICKING HERE through March 6th 2014.

Thursday, February 13

Making Valentines for Room at the Inn Shelter

Last week the boys and I made valentines for the Room at the Inn Shelter here in Columbia, MO. My understanding is that the shelter is a conglomerate project that several faith communities in the city support. Our church, Sacred Heart, is one of them. The church is currently housing those in need during this bitterly cold season in the activity building. The PSR Cordinator sent out a note asking if anyone could bring extra valentines to Catechism this previous Sunday. Tristian and Trace LOVE crafts, among them card making, so we decided to chip in.

Wednesday, February 12

Freeze N Bake- Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

Our Freeze N Bake meal this week was Roasted Chicken and Potatoes. Whole Chickens were on sale for 89¢ a pound, add in 2 5lb bags of 99¢ Russet Potatoes, 3lbs of onions for $1.98, $3.50 for the foil pans and guestimating another $1 for the seasonings and foil coverings- we spent about $35 for 7 meals. Breaks down to $5 each. We normally add a veggie also as a side with these plus there's drinks, so final cost will vary. More below-

Tuesday, February 11

Mystery of History 32% Sale- To Buy or Not to Buy?

UPDATE- I went ahead and ordered Mystery of History in mid March from the Homeschool Buyers Co-op discount page (CLICK HERE). I had to do some digging (and read a lot of reviews lol)but figured out the CDs for the first two volumes are just printable computer versions of handouts that are included in the books. I ordered them for convenience but they aren't necessary. The 3rd volume does not include the handouts so the CD or companion book is necessary. I ended up ordering all three volumes and the cds to accompany each all at once to save on shipping and fees; as, I'm pretty sure this is going to be a good supplement curriculum for us.

I am not sure if we'll be using it next year or the following year when Trace is in Kindergarten. I like the idea of being able to teach the same thing across grades to help condense the homeschool experience and make it a little easier. So we may wait and do Volume I when Tristian is 8 and Trace is 5.

I have been looking into supplement curriculum material for next year for Tristian. One of the ones I've come across is Mystery of History It is about ancient civilizations during the time Jesus Christ was alive. Tristian really loves the bible and loves history, so I though this might be a neat cross of the two for part of his supplement learning. I really like the concept, I was just wondering if anyone had anything else to weigh in on the idea of to get or not to get or if there's another similar product to consider? We have a bit- I probably won't be buying anything until this summer, so hopefully the co-op still has it if we opt for this. It is on sale for 32% off on the free Homeschool Co-op we are on. You can see the discount and about page on it by CLICKING HERE. The co-op's price is cheaper then I can find elsewhere- even used, but still not a cheap book.

Friday, February 7

Six Year Old Solves 'Which came First?'

Over dinner last night Trevor stumped Tris with the age old adage:
'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?'
Tristian's immediate, 'The egg.'
Was met with his dad's, 'A checken laid the egg.'
'So the chicken came first.' reasoned our bright boy.

This went on for a bit until suddenly I could actually see Tris hit an AH-HA! moment and he says, 'I think God laid the first chicken. God came first'

So comes to an end the search for an answer to one of the oldest questions.

Thursday, February 6

Freeze N Bake Pizza

Trevor works full time (rather more then full time normally, lol) and even though I stay home- homeschooling a preschooler and 2nd grader doesn't leave a ton of time left over. To make food easier and fast food less a crutch we make Freeze N Bake Meals. Easy to make in bulk meals we can make 6-9 meals of each week and put in the deep freeze. This week's meal was pizza. We made 2 pizzas per meal- one corn free for Trevor and I, one gluten free for the boys. We made 9 meals total and spent about $25 (cheese, pepperoni, tomato sauce, pizza dough, pizza seasoning, baggies). When we eat these meals we normally serve with veggies. Lately with half a bag of frozen veggies we bought on ad for $1 a bag, making it $3.28 for the meal (not including drinks). More below with pictures-

Wednesday, February 5

Ooka Island FUN! (68% Off- Adaptive Reading Program)

We've been using Ooka Island with Trace and he likes it, and I like that he's doing some phonics/reading learning. It was 68% off through the free Homschool Buyers Co-op, making it $39.98 a year instead of $124.95 a year or $12.95 a month. CLICK HERE to visit the free Co-op's discount page for The Ooka Island Adventure, an adaptive reading curriculum preK-2, no coupon code needed. Note- If you are just interested in the sale link, I will try to come back and edit the info if the Co-op's discount changes in the future. Why we decided on Ooka Island below-

Tuesday, February 4