Tuesday, February 18

Chester Comix Came!

This is a match made in homeschool heaven =) Tris loves reading comics. He asks for the newspaper each day for the comics, has more or less destroyed his Garfield comic books reading and rereading and is working on a Charlie Brown comic book he got for Christmas. Tris also loves history and reading about things that happened before and the people involved. So when I found out about Chester Comix (CLICK HERE) I knew Tristian would love them!

Chester Comix are mostly about American History (branches out here and there) and have great reviews. It's one of the products that can be gotten for points in the Homeschool Buyers Co-op (CLICK HERE) and just pay shipping and fees of $14. So I've been saving our smartpoints for a while planning on getting them. This month the co-op did a deal for history month where the shipping was free for the super print bundle. I hoped we'd have enough points this month... and we did! So we only had to pay the $3 fee for the bundle of 29 =)

We didn't want Trace to feel left out so we asked around for where to find cheap Spider-man and other superhero comics. A friend on Facebook suggested Slackers downtown in Columbia, MO. They were very friendly. Seemed completely unfazed (and rather amused) by having a 3 year old in the store getting vocally excited every few minutes by a new super-hero something or other that was all over the store- despite Mom and Dad's attempts to quite him. The gentleman at the counter on Tuesday was very helpful showing me where to look and personable while checking out. We left with four Spider-man, three Superman and one Batman comic for $7.52 after tax.  

The Chester Comix comic books came on Friday (ordered on Monday). I was super impressed by the quality, thick cardstock like covers and heavy weight paper will really help the durability and lifespan on these. Tristain was as excited as I was hoping he would be. Trace was psyched to find out the comics we bought on Tuesday were his =)

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