Monday, February 17

Free Evan-Moor Seasons Pocket Book

We LOVE the Pockets Series by Evan Moor. We have 9 of the months and several of the subjects. Tristian loves making the activities and Trace is getting old enough to enjoy them too. On top, once made both boys enjoy going back through their pocket books, revisiting the crafts and Tristian loves reading through the info. So when one we didn't have, The Four Seasons Theme Pockets ebook, popped up as a Valentine gift from the free co-op we belong to, I grabbed it asap. It's available free by CLICKING HERE through March 6th 2014.

Trevor worked Sunday so we started the Pocket Books as an afternoon craft. Friday and Saturday after the boys went to bed, while we caught up on shows, I put together activity packets. Printouts, paints, yarn, glue sticks and the premade, hole punched pocket pages/blank covers. Instead of doing the apple tree painting in the book, we'll be using paints and glitter to make landscapes of each season from a construction paper activity we used last year to make a neighborhood. There were 8 sets of the landscape and house pieces- enough  for each boy to do one of each season.

We started out by threading our pages together to make the book-

Then we worked on the cover art-

Next we did the Winter Is... sheets. Since Trace can't write yet I put construction paper over the lines on his sheets and he picked out stamps to show what Winter is.

The last craft we did on Sunday was the torn snowman craft. We did this a little different. The boys had trouble tearing 'roundish' balls of paper for the snowmen's body. So instead we shredded the paper (lots of fun) and then glued the bits together into roundish balls. Turned out really well =) Finished the snowmen out with glitter glue.

It was a fun afternoon of crafting and the boys didn't want to stop. We are going to continue working on our seasons pockets during the next couple weeks =)

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