Thursday, February 6

Freeze N Bake Pizza

Trevor works full time (rather more then full time normally, lol) and even though I stay home- homeschooling a preschooler and 2nd grader doesn't leave a ton of time left over. To make food easier and fast food less a crutch we make Freeze N Bake Meals. Easy to make in bulk meals we can make 6-9 meals of each week and put in the deep freeze. This week's meal was pizza. We made 2 pizzas per meal- one corn free for Trevor and I, one gluten free for the boys. We made 9 meals total and spent about $25 (cheese, pepperoni, tomato sauce, pizza dough, pizza seasoning, baggies). When we eat these meals we normally serve with veggies. Lately with half a bag of frozen veggies we bought on ad for $1 a bag, making it $3.28 for the meal (not including drinks). More below with pictures-

We made the dough from 6 Hy-Vee pizza dough pouches, dumped them in a bowl and added warm water and flour until it was the right consistency and weighed about 4.5lbs. Let it sit for a bit under a towel then divided it into 9 8oz balls of dough. We then pre-cook the dough to lesson the soggy crust effect. We also put the pepperoni under the sauce and cheese to help lesson the soggy crust deal. We buy the pepperoni from the deli and have them slice it as thin as possible. We've found it's cheaper per pizza and covers more area to do that. *The only difference when making the gluten free pizza is that we start with gluten free pizza dough and divide it into 7oz balls of dough for the kid's pizza. 

We use tomato sauce and pizza seasoning bought in bulk to make the pizza sauce. Hy-Vee recently stopped using corn starch in their shredded cheese (thank you, thank you, thank you) so we can buy the bags when they do the 10 for $10 and make it much cheaper. We use about or a little under half a bag of cheese per pizza. We aim to get each of the corn free pizzas for Trev and I between 15oz-1lb. The boy's gluten free pizza we aim for 13-14oz. 
We put each pizza in a gallon baggie (can get 15 for $1 at Dollar Tree). Label with date and what it is then stick in the deep freeze for the next time we decide it's pizza night.

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