Wednesday, February 12

Freeze N Bake- Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

Our Freeze N Bake meal this week was Roasted Chicken and Potatoes. Whole Chickens were on sale for 89¢ a pound, add in 2 5lb bags of 99¢ Russet Potatoes, 3lbs of onions for $1.98, $3.50 for the foil pans and guestimating another $1 for the seasonings and foil coverings- we spent about $35 for 7 meals. Breaks down to $5 each. We normally add a veggie also as a side with these plus there's drinks, so final cost will vary. More below-

I love having a husband who's hobby is cooking. It saves us all from what would be much less yummy food if it were left to me 0.o So this meal was mostly Trevor doing it (although I can claim the concept to try doing a roasted chicken Freeze N Bake meal). He opened the packaging and pulled the giblets out. Those were put into a bowl for the time. Later in the day we make chicken stock out of those, divided it into some freezer baggies and will use it as bases for soups and stews.

Trevor makes most cooking looks much easier then it is. However, even I have to admit that this set up is pretty easy to do. Stick a chicken in each pan. Slice the potatoes into fourths and spread them out evenly among the pans. Stick half onions in the chickens. Fourth of the rest of the onions and divide among the pans.

Then just add seasoning salt and whatever else you want seasoning wise. Cover all the pans with foil, write the date, time and what it is. Stick them in the deep freeze and we've got another meal to choose from.

I stick these in the oven at 350 degrees for 2 or 3 hours, depending. I leave the foil on so they are basically steam cooking and don't have to worry about it drying out or anything (because I forget about things lol). Yummy =)

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