Tuesday, February 25

Freeze N Bake: Steamed Chicken, Rice and Veggies

This week we made 8 Freeze N Bake meals for less then $30. We bought 3 32oz bags of rice for $1.39 each on sale. We had a rain check from a couple weeks ago for 99¢ a pound sale on chicken breasts that we bought 3 3pks of (tend to be around 1lb a breast- so this was about $10). We also still had 3 bag of frozen veggies from when they were on sale for $1 each plus added 2 bags of 69¢ bags of frozen veggies. We used 3 bags of shredded cheese that cost $5 total. Lastly we bought 4 2pks of foil pans from Dollar Tree for $1 each. The whole thing cost $29 and some change after tax. 8 meals for $30 is $3.75 a meal not including drinks.

Pretty easy one to put together. Boil the rice with seasonings as desired and make a bed of cooked rice in the pan. Then, put frozen veggies over top.

Oven bake the meat then put pieces of it over the veggies. Top with a little bit of sprinkled cheese for flavor. Cover with foil, write the meal and the date on it and you're done. I cooked these at 300 degrees for a few hours keeping the foil on. 
We made these on Trev's day off last Saturday and ate on for Sunday supper. Was delicious =)

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