Thursday, February 13

Making Valentines for Room at the Inn Shelter

Last week the boys and I made valentines for the Room at the Inn Shelter here in Columbia, MO. My understanding is that the shelter is a conglomerate project that several faith communities in the city support. Our church, Sacred Heart, is one of them. The church is currently housing those in need during this bitterly cold season in the activity building. The PSR Cordinator sent out a note asking if anyone could bring extra valentines to Catechism this previous Sunday. Tristian and Trace LOVE crafts, among them card making, so we decided to chip in.

Trevor brought home some heart doilies, stickers and glitter from Dollar Tree for us. We cut up scrapbook sheets into fourths, got our valentine related stamps and went to town. The boys had a ton of fun choosing their stamps, deciding where to put the stickers, using the glue for the glitter and deciding what pattern of paper to use. We talked about why and who we were making the cards for. Most of that probably went over Trace's head, but Tristian talked about if for a bit and seemed to understand and genuinely enjoy the concept of making something to help out. We talked about how God loves everyone. So helping express that love and making sure that everyone feels loved on Valentine's Day, no matter if we know them personally or not, is a good thing to do.

To finish the lovely cards the boys had made, we bought some cookies. We crisscrossed melted chocolate almond bark over top of them- because everyone needs a little chocolate goodness for Valentines Day =) The cookies went into some adorable heart decorated baggies we got from Dollar Tree. Then we stapled the baggies and cookies to the back of the valentines. 

In all we made 24 valentines with 110 chocolately delicious cookies that will hopefully spread a little bit of Valentine's Day Love <3

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