Tuesday, February 11

Mystery of History 32% Sale- To Buy or Not to Buy?

UPDATE- I went ahead and ordered Mystery of History in mid March from the Homeschool Buyers Co-op discount page (CLICK HERE). I had to do some digging (and read a lot of reviews lol)but figured out the CDs for the first two volumes are just printable computer versions of handouts that are included in the books. I ordered them for convenience but they aren't necessary. The 3rd volume does not include the handouts so the CD or companion book is necessary. I ended up ordering all three volumes and the cds to accompany each all at once to save on shipping and fees; as, I'm pretty sure this is going to be a good supplement curriculum for us.

I am not sure if we'll be using it next year or the following year when Trace is in Kindergarten. I like the idea of being able to teach the same thing across grades to help condense the homeschool experience and make it a little easier. So we may wait and do Volume I when Tristian is 8 and Trace is 5.

I have been looking into supplement curriculum material for next year for Tristian. One of the ones I've come across is Mystery of History It is about ancient civilizations during the time Jesus Christ was alive. Tristian really loves the bible and loves history, so I though this might be a neat cross of the two for part of his supplement learning. I really like the concept, I was just wondering if anyone had anything else to weigh in on the idea of to get or not to get or if there's another similar product to consider? We have a bit- I probably won't be buying anything until this summer, so hopefully the co-op still has it if we opt for this. It is on sale for 32% off on the free Homeschool Co-op we are on. You can see the discount and about page on it by CLICKING HERE. The co-op's price is cheaper then I can find elsewhere- even used, but still not a cheap book.


  1. Hi, I just ran across your question re: MOH. I have used each volume successfully with three of my four children (oldest was too old). I have greatly enjoyed it this program. In fact, I am using it in a co-op this fall. If you go on the website you should be able to download some sample pages. What I like: 1) the brief yet thorough pages of information for each subject covered---not an easy task. It's enough to get a solid idea of what is going on but also invites the student to learn more about it on his own. 2) The author writes as though she is sitting next to the student---very conversational. 3) The book covers history world-wide, meaning the student learns what is going on during a certain time period from different points of the world. I find this to be a great way to learn, instead of only covering one area of the world at a time. 4) I appreciate that the resources and activities are available for children from youngers to olders, making teaching different age groups at the same time very possible. 5) I appreciate how the author doesn't water down sin. She doesn't focus on the Catholic or the Protestant---she focuses on the heart of man. We learn how greed and power can turn even the most devout men away from God. She reveals the consequences, both positive and negative. 6) And now I am loving the resources that are available to me this go around! The website has several items for sale to make teaching this easier---memory cards, lapbook and notebook materials, etc. They do cost money but, I have also noticed people have put some of their own resources on pintrest that are free. Go on pintrest and see the many different craft ideas for volume 1. Okay, well, you'd think I owned stock in the company but I really have been pleased overall with the books. One way to cut costs is to invite another family to participate. It would also share the work load re: the activities. Whatever you decide, may God richly bless your homeschool endeavors! Julie

    1. Thank you so much! This is exactly the type of pov I was looking for. There are a ton of reviews of moh but not a lot that give details like I was wanting to figure out if itvwould be right for us. I really am happy to hear about the lap book being available, Tristian really enjoys lap/pocket/packet books. Thank you again, your reply was exactly what I was hoping for and very helpful!