Wednesday, February 5

Ooka Island FUN! (68% Off- Adaptive Reading Program)

We've been using Ooka Island with Trace and he likes it, and I like that he's doing some phonics/reading learning. It was 68% off through the free Homschool Buyers Co-op, making it $39.98 a year instead of $124.95 a year or $12.95 a month. CLICK HERE to visit the free Co-op's discount page for The Ooka Island Adventure, an adaptive reading curriculum preK-2, no coupon code needed. Note- If you are just interested in the sale link, I will try to come back and edit the info if the Co-op's discount changes in the future. Why we decided on Ooka Island below-

We were spoiled with our oldest on reading. At the age Trace is now (3.5yrs) Tris was reading on his own. Trace is a completely different story. Tristian really loved Starfall and I thought Trace would love it too. Trace thinks Starfall is neat... but is not really that into it. So when our Starfall More account came due last month, as much as I really wanted to hit that renew button because I love the Starfall program, I didn't. Tristian loved Starfall, it was and is an amazing program and Tristian got so very much out of it. Tristian doesn't need it anymore though. So I didn't hit renew and started looking for something that Trace will get more out of.

I asked Trace what he wanted to do. He wants to play with toys. He wants to play outside. He wants to play games. What about computer games? Yes, he wants to play computer games. Alright, I could work with that. As has become habit for me when looking into school subscriptions I headed over to the free Homeschool Buyers Co-op (CLICK HERE to check it out), clicked the Language Arts Tab and started browsing. I read through the page on Ooka Island and it sounded good. A game set up for learning to read. The price through the Co-op's discount ($39.98) wasn't far off from Starfall's budgeted price ($35), so our budgeting wouldn't change much. My one reservation is that there are no associated android apps and since it is a program installed on the computer, instead of a website, it's not mobile at all. What tipped the scaled on deciding to try Ooka Island was the adaptive learning concept.

Adaptive learning programs is a concept I've mostly ignored with Tristian. He is his own adaptive program, lol. Tris just bulldozes through stuff until he gets it then moves on himself- the more content Tris has available the more he learns. Which is probably why Starfall (which isn't adaptive but has a TON of content) was such a great fit for Tristian. When a program is adaptive, that's nice, but there has been no need to seek out adaptive programs for him. Trace I think will truly benefit from adaptive programs. Something that paces him and keeps him moving along as is appropriate. Trace doesn't go looking for new info and harder stuff the way Tris does, so an adaptive program that does part of that for him is a better fit for our preschooler.

*Not a sponsored review. None of the above mentioned websites/companies were aware of this review at the time it was posted.

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