Thursday, February 27

Sick & New Computer

Our netbook and desktop computers decided to die this week. Leaving us no way to print forms for Build and Grow, School or use any sites that required the most recent form of flash (some of Tristian's online school stuff needs it and flash nolonger supports android). On top of it we're sick. Apparently no one in this Zeiger house is up to form 0.o
So we headed out to Best Buy to see what our options were. We found a Lenova 21.5 all in one touch screen computer for $600 after tax with 18 month same as cash financing. That means $35 a month and we have a working, nice computer. I LOVE the start tile menu. I was able to create a group for each subject and other for the boys and pin their websites and apps under the correct subject (math, lang arts, etc...). Makes it much easier for them to navigate the computer then our old desktop. The touch screen makes it so much easier for Trace to use the computer. Several times easier and the screen is huge!
The above picture was taken with the new computer's camera. We all have sinus/chest colds. Tris spent 2 hours between 2 & 4am throwing up from coughing so hard last night- poor guy. Love that Trevor got up with him and did nebulizers so Trace and I could keep cuddling and resting. Best husband ever!
Since we are all sick- I told Tris today he could learn about whatever he wanted. He chose George Washington. He spent the morning looking up George Washington on the new computer on World and I Kids, then watched Washington Takes the Lead (Liberty's Kids) on Spirit Clips on the computer and is now reading Chester Comix comic books about George Washington (George Washington Leads the Way). Pretty awesome system there =)

Hopefully everyone is feeling better in time for our week off next week with Trevor on vacation. Trevor was sick all last week and is finally feeling better (just in time to help take care of the boys being sick, lol). Here's to better health and a cool new computer =)

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