Wednesday, March 19

Artistic Corner Bulletin Board on a Concrete Wall

The Artistic Corner bulletin board we created during our early Spring Break week. It was a bit of a challenge on the concrete walls to make a bulleting board, but we did it! Just over 6'x3' it's a very nice size also.
How we made it below-

One of the things that has been a challenge in our new classroom in the new house is putting things up on the wall. The classroom is in a partially finished basement and 2 of the walls in the classroom are concrete. Ticky tack works to an extent, but does not hold larger or heavier paper for very long and even lighter items tend to not want to stay up indefinitely with ticky tack on the concrete wall. Normal tape pretty much gives up the fight befor it starts and duct tape is so so. We tried using contact paper (adhesive vinyl), but even that did not want to stay stuck up for very long. We finally realized that, of all things, masking tape holds onto the concrete very well (and will be easily removable when we move). So over our early Spring Break week we used contact paper bordered with masking tape and then duct tape over the masking tape to create some bulletin boards and put up world and USA wall maps.

Pictured above is the Artistic Corner bulletin board. It is at in the corner where concrete wall meets concrete wall. The backing is the same black contact paper I've used to make chalk board surfaces on things like magnetic dry erase boards, the puppet theater and etc... The colored strips with words on them are cut out of a $1 roll of contact paper. The black vinyl letters were $3 for 2 packs (to have enough of the needed letters) and the duct tape was $2- all at Dollar General. The art work belongs to Tristian and Trace and is stuck up with ticky tack, which I am much more confident about holding it's position on the contact paper then the concrete wall.

Tristian and Trace are really excited about displaying their artwork in the Artistic Corner. Which of course is the whole point =)

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