Tuesday, March 18

Going Swimmingly With Splash Math

Like last year, after holiday break we hit a wall with math. Once again, I turned to the internet for some fun new ways to present math. Coincidentally, that same week I got an email from Mr. Mithum of Splash Math asking if I would try their program and review it. I've not done a free trial for review before, but the timing was just a little too perfect. I gratefully accepted the exchange & Tris started using Splash Math in February.

I checked out the price point and they are very, very reasonable compared to many similar math programs. You purchase on a per child basis. $9.99 per grade or $29.99 for all 5 grades. Plus, that's a LIFETIME purchase! That is an excellent price value. That is cheaper for life then similar math programs are per year, even if you add up paying the $9.99 per grade for each grade. That impressed me. They also have apps for Android and Apple. At the time of the review I could only find 1st Grade on Android. However, there is a free version as well as the $9.99 version and both versions have good reviews. Tristian is using the 2nd Grade Website Splash Math program. It has 58 math skills and is aligned with the Common Core. You can check out the overview of the skills practiced by CLICKING HERE.

Tristian was enthusiastic about the break from his normal math practice. I think a lot of this had to do with the fun water theme. Tristian also said he liked the Hippo character that pops up either with help if he's wrong or with a "Great Job!" or likewise if Tris is right. Tristian logs onto splash math with his own sign in and password. We have pinned a shortcut to the site on his Windows Start Page to make it easy to access. Besides the encouraging hippo, Tristian can also see how as he's progressing on a bar filling up to the side of his screen. At the end of each practice session there is a pop up that shows the child how they did. There are also special characters that unlock with practice.

Something I really like is signing in with your Google account. Signing in with my Google account is much more comfortable for me, personally, then Facebook though. I was one of the original users of Gmail back when it was invitation only and it is an online staple for me. Facebook is okay, but I may or may not already be signed in. Google I am always on. Having that as the sign in option is wonderful for this mama =)

When I log onto Splash Math as a parent I can see a summary of what's going on. Including how they are doing on each skill. How much time has been spent practicing total and how much time has been spent on each skill. There is also a chart showing how much time was spent each day practicing (this is nice if you are a homeschooler and forgot to log time one day, lol). The parent dashboard shows how many questions have been answered and how many have been answered correctly. As well as a pie chart break down to make it a little easier to see at a glance just how much of the grade is mastered, satisfactory, needs more practice and etc... I can also opt in (or out) of weekly emailed updates. Something I always opt in for if available on school related websites.

I can honestly say that I am impressed with this program. At first glance I was concerned it might not be as comprehensive a program as some of the more expensive ones. However when I started looking into the break down of each skill and what was being practiced that concern vanished. I am very happy we took Mr. Mithum up on his offer and think this really helped Tristian over his holiday blues hump. Splash Math certainly got added to my list of favorite online school programs. You can check out Splash Math by CLICKING HERE.

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