Tuesday, March 11

Happy Birthday to Me ;-)

Okay, so actually more then a month has passed since my 29th (gulp) birthday... that's right, I am less then a year away from the big 30. For said birthday Trevor's parents and grandmother sent me lovely cards and birthday money. As you probably know, I am not a crazy spender so a good chunk of that money was still waiting to burn a hole in my pocket a month later.

Last Wednesday we went thrift shopping in search of something comfortable for Tristian to sit for reading time downstairs. We made a great find on that, too- but that's another post ;-) While looking I found a lot of yarn tagged $1 & 50¢. I grabbed up $30 worth, it's all pictured to the side. There was more, but I was trying to be reasonable and not take it all, lol. It was all gone by the time we walked back by to check out - I'm not the only one who saw a great deal. When I got home I started going through what exactly I'd gotten and how much I'd saved. The final total for the retail price of the yarn is right around $250. Pretty darn awesome! I can't wait to start using it in some earmarked projects.
Thank you very much Tim, Jenine & Grandma Irene for an amazing birthday gift =)

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