Wednesday, March 5

Jello- Cost of Making vs Buying Snack Cups

This is the gelatin snack part of a week long series of 5 posts breaking down the difference in cost of making compared to buying snack cups. This the last post about what goes in the snack cups, the previous posts being pudding and yogurt. Tomorrow's post is about the containers. Like the previous two snack cup foods, we make up 5 jello snack cups each week.

Below is the how and cost breakdown for making our jello snack cups-

A box of Hy-Vee brand gelatin mix is 39¢. That's our only cost on this one since we use tap water (one of the nice things about being inside city limits now is that our tap water is drinkable taste-wise again). I guess if I really wanted to I could try and break down our per gallon cost for using tap water, and figure it out- but I think last time I came across those numbers it was somewhere around $2 per 1k gallons on average for USA tap water cost (there's some crazy research junky random info floating around in my brain for ya). So the cost of the 2 cups of water used to make jello is negligible. Like a fourth of a tenth of a cent. The cost of the mix rounds to 31¢ a 4 pack and 8¢ a jello cup. Our largest savings percent wise at 35% when the pre-made gelatin snack cups are priced the same as the pudding snack cups.

Savings a week = 73¢ (compared to store brand).

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