Tuesday, March 4

Pudding- Cost of Making vs Buying Snack Cups

This is the pudding part of a week long series of 5 posts breaking down the difference in cost of making compared to buying snack cups. We make up 5 pudding snack cups each week.

The how and cost breakdown is below-

One box of Hy-Vee instand pudding is 69¢. One gallon of store brand milk, as of our last shopping trip, was $3.58. There are 16 cups of milk in a gallon, making it just over 22¢ a cup of milk. We use one cup of whole milk with one cup of water to make our pudding (instead of the 2 cups of 2% milk called for- I know it doesn't really even out, but it works fine for this). We're at 91¢ per batch. However, 4pks of pre-made pudding snacks aren't equal to one batch of instant box pudding. The store bought are 3.25oz per snack cup. The box mix breaks down to 4oz per serving. This means you get just under the amount of 5 (4.92) pre-made pudding cups from one batch of instant box pudding. This is why we make 5 pudding snack cups instead of 4 each week ;-) Rounding everything (for simplicity sake) means you are spending about 73¢ a pack and about 18¢ a pudding cup. The Hy-Vee store brand pudding packs are 89¢ each and the name brand are $1. So we are talking about an 18% savings from the store brand and 27% savings from the name brand.

Savings a week = 20¢ (compared to store brand).

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