Thursday, March 6

Reusable Containers- Cost of Making vs Buying Snack Cups

The first three days of this week I broke down each of our snack cup foods (yogurt, puddjng and jello) and their cost compared to buying the premade store bought versions.

Today's post is about the reusable 4oz animal themed snack cup containers we use and how their cost figures into the savings equation. Where we got our containers and their cost breakdown below-

We looked around a bit and found a lot of snack containers, a lot- a lot. Most of them were pretty pricey, too. We happened to pass the baby section at Dollar Tree one day (tear- we don't really check that out any more cause we are currently all out of babies at this Zeiger home). They had some adorable animal themed 2pks of 4oz containers with lids (and matching spoons). Nothing else we'd seen could beat $1 a 2pk (plus matching spoon!) so we grabbed 8 thinking we wanted at least 14 to give one snack cup a day per kid for a week plus a couple spares for the inevitable loss of a lid or cup over time. This worked out well because we ended up making 15 cups a week, so we only have one spare. 

Since we are saving about $1.68 a week by making the snack cups (compared to store brand options) the cost of our adorable animal cups was paid off within 5 weeks. Pretty awesome cost balance time period and the boy's love the animal theme =)

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