Friday, March 7

Summary- Cost of Making vs Buying Snack Cups

This post is the summary of a week long series of 5 posts breaking down the difference in cost of making compared to buying snack cups. We've recently started making up our snack cups for the week each Saturday or Sunday. The boys get to help, which they really think is awesome, and we save a little bit of money. We make up 15 snack cups of 5 jello, 5 pudding and 5 yogurts with granola on top.

Complete summary of Cost and value below-

The posts earlier this week showed that we save $1.68 a week doing this. Pudding breaking down to the equivalent of 73¢ a 4pk, and 18% savings from the store brand, 27% savings from the name brand and 20¢ saved a week from the store brand. Yogurt breaking down to cost 35¢ a yogurt cup, 15¢ less then the store brand, a 30% savings and 75¢ saved a week- our largest weekly savings. Jello being our largest savings percent wise at 35%, breaking down to the equivalent of 31¢ a 4pk and saving us 73¢ a week. The reusable 4oz animal themed containers with lids that we used cost $8 for 16 ($1 for 2pks at Dollar Tree) and were cost balanced 5 weeks. 

Prices were based on every day prices at the Hy-Vee my husband works at and we shop at. I did not bother to try and take sales into consideration; since, while sometimes the mixes and yogurt tubs are on sale- so too are the snack packs and yogurt cups on sale. I'm assuming the prices even out through the year to around the same savings. In the end making the snack cups vs buying them doesn't save a ton of money, about $87 a year. That can still seriously add up when coupled with other money saving ideas. The extra time factor may not be worth the $1.68 weekly savings for really busy families (we spend about half to an hour each weekend making the cups).

For us, it's something the boys and I have really been enjoying doing together. They love getting to help pick out the flavors for the coming week, help mix the pudding/jello and put the granola on top the yogurt. Having helped make the cups up and them being in the colorful animal cups makes those snacks extra special and extra fun =)

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