Friday, March 14

To Normal and Back Again

I still can't run without my lungs trying to commit murder - suicide, but otherwise I've been feeling pretty blessed on the oxygen front lately. Dulera and getting as much corn as possible (in North America) out of my diet/environment was pretty drastic. My daily peak flow, which prior to 5 years ago was about 500, is back up to around 450. An awesome improvement from the 300s on prednisone and lower 200s on maintenance meds and nebulizers without prednisone (basically added whenever I hit the 100s).

Being able to move again, exercise and generally not spend most my time insanely short of breathing has also meant that I'm finally shedding the baby weight from Trace's pregnancy. Down 15lbs total so far, a third of the way there =) However, an unexpected struggle has been my shortness of breath tolerance. For so long I had to function on being very short of breath constantly. It wasn't like just because my lungs were crud I didn't still have kids to take care of and a life to live (ish lol). I got use to dealing with feeling dizzy and being short of breath while walking, talking and pretty much everything. The problem now is if I'm in the lower 200s I don't notice. Oddly I'll be at 350 and I can tell I'm down. It's like, "WOW! I'm kind of short of breath, how odd I use to feel GREAT if I got to 350!?" Closer to 200 I don't realize til someone(aka Trevor or Amanda) or something points it out.

Like the other night. We've finally been getting better from this bad chest cold thing we all had. Asthma wise it's been dragging out, but these things take time. I was working on school stuff downstairs after the boys were in bed and Trace started crying. I ran up the steps and got halfway down the hall before I noticed I was not only dizzy and breathing ridiculously hard- I was seeing black patches over my vision. Trevor was already in with Trace; so I (after sitting down until the black patches faded) went to do a nebulizer. I took my peak flow first, which admittedly I tend to forget to do daily while sick... I know- worst time ever to forget. My peak flow was 220, whoops! Even after a year of more then doubled peak flows, somehow my brain or body still recognizes 220 as normal. Did the nebulizer, gave it 20 minutes, did the peak flow again- 300. OK, just no mad dashes up steps 0.o

That's really where the kicker comes in. I'm getting use to being me again. I've always been pretty high energy. Running, moving, grooving ;-) Things like sprinting up steps is something I learned not to do when I had trouble breathing. Real running is still out- if I don't want to induce an asthma flare. Short bursts of energy are fine and more controlled exercises are great. I'm at hour sessions on daily inside cycling (when lungs are working). If I was still use to rationing my energy/oxygen I never would have seen spots. I've finally stopped sending myself into flares trying to run again. Now I'm going to have to work on being more aware of when I get down into the 200 range.

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